LeBron James channels inner Magic Johnson after keeping it classic with outfit choice

LeBron James “The Akron Hammer,” is still a dominating force on the court, even at the age of 38. He possesses a high basketball IQ and has excellent court vision making him a tough opponent to deal with.

LeBron is surely one of the greatest basketball players of all time but still a large part of the population is not ready to pick him as the GOAT over the great Michael Jordan. Besides impressing the audience with his superb basketball skills, LeBron also amazes them with his classic outfits.

LeBron James makes stylish entrance

LeBron James made a stylish entrance in the Los Angeles Laker’s match against the Utah Jazz. LeBron wore an off white trouser, a round neck shirt and a cool Jacket. He walked with confidence and swag in his tunnel walk.

On the other hand, prior to his In-Season Tournament matchup against the Lakers on Tuesday night, Jordan Clarkson made headlines with his peculiar wardrobe choice. Clarkson made his tunnel walk to the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles while sporting a large black hat that kind of looked like a pirate’s hat. The 31-year-old’s unconventional headgear choice was met with criticism by the NBA on TNT crew, who saw footages of him making his way towards the visiting team’s locker room.

Shaquille O’Neal could be heard comparing Clarkson to a conquistador, while Kenny Smith shouted, “Pirates of the Caribbean!” 

“What the hell is that? Halloween was two weeks ago,” said a confused Charles Barkley. Besides the NBA on TNT crew, several fans on social media also made fun of Jordan Clarkson’s unusual outfit.

LeBron emulates Magic Johnson with incredible no-look pass

Tuesday’s game against the Utah Jazz saw LeBron James surpass 39,000 points for the first time in his amazing career. The Los Angeles Lakers player only needed five more points to tie the record, having come into the game with 38,995 points.

During one of his amazing plays, LeBron made a sizzling no look pass, as if emulating the Lakers Legend Magic Johnson.

During a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in February of last season, the King broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record of 38,387 points. This achievement added to a career that has already yielded four championships, four MVPs from the NBA Finals, four league MVPs, 19 selections to the All-NBA team, six All-Defensive team selections, and 19 All-Star ballots.

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