Serena Williams’ husband proudly displays $266,400 collection, claiming himself as her biggest fan

Serena Williams has been a revelation outside the tennis circle since her retirement. Her venture into the world of fashion has caught the admiring eye of many, as witnessed by her recent coronation as Fashion Icon of the Year. Her partnership and soaring net worth due to deals with apparel brands have also showcased her entrepreneurial side.

In addition to her ever-growing fan base, Serena added another person to the list, one who displayed an enigmatic sense of love for her by showcasing a card collection.

Alexis Ohanian showcases Serena Williams card collection

Serena Williams was for much of her early adulthood, unmarried. It was after she met Alexis Ohanian that the American began thinking about tying the knot amidst a busy tennis schedule. Their love crossed professional boundaries and yet displayed admiration for each other’s work and achievements.

Ohanian took to Twitter to display a card collection he had obtained of Serena Williams playing at the French Open. In the card, Serena, who is draped in an all-black dress, can be seen reaching out for the ball on the clay court on a sunny afternoon.

Ohanian captioned the post with the words, “The Serena Collection I’ve built for our family is no joke…” and declared himself her biggest fan.

The pair had been dating for many years before they married and now they are parents to two beautiful daughters. Serena Williams often takes to social media to post pictures of her family, and the lovely couple of Serena and Ohanian is a treat to watch for fans of either individual.

When did Serena meet her husband?

Alexis Ohanian is best known in business circles for co-founding the thread-based social media platform Reddit. Ohanian and Serena Williams met in 2015 by chance, as both of them were staying at the same hotel, The Cavalieri, in Rome, Italy.

Serena was there to take part in the Italian Open, while Alexis was in town for the Festival of Media Global conference. As Williams recalled in a conversation with Vanity Fair, she said that there was a rat by his table, and so she invited him to sit with her. The rest was history.

The pair shared their first date during that year’s French Open; he proposed to her in 2016 and they had their first child in 2017.

After Serena Williams retired from tennis, her husband shared an emotional post on social media.

“I’m so happy she wrote that piece. It came out so well and I have a feeling she’s going to be hearing about it for years to come from folks,” he wrote.

“Plenty of folks have told me ‘how Reddit changed their life,’ but the scale & impact of ‘how Serena changed my life’ stories absolutely dwarfs it,” he added in another tweet.

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