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LeBron James sets another playoff record yet again

Most NBA Finals Appearances by Player

LeBron James and NBA records both go hand in hand. The king makes history yet again, this time he joins the Hall of Famer and a former NBA legend Oscar Robertson scoring more than 250 points, 100+ rebounds, and more than 80 assists in the first ten games of the playoffs.

LeBron James sets another playoff record

LeBron James has been consistent in the playoffs; he was scoring and driving to the lane like a roller coaster. The last match against Houston, he scored 29 points, 11 rebounds, that’s a double-double, and had seven assists just within the first half as well. In the post-game, he is almost averaging a triple-double. His current playoff stat is almost a triple-double. Moreover, he is averaging 26.6ppg, 10.3 rebounds, and more than eight assists.

LeBron James is leading the Lakers team to the Western Conference final after a decade long. Last time, former NBA legend Kobe Bryant led the lakers team in winning the NBA championship.  Now Lebron James is living the dreams of the Lakers fans. The king is not worried about making NBA records; rather, he is hyped up about getting them a championship in memory of the Black Mamba.

If we talk about making records, we just cannot forget the former Bucks player and a living legend Oscar Robertson who was the first person in the history of the NBA  to average a triple-double, scoring more than thirty points per game. He was a former league MVP. Besides, Oscar held the record during his era for having 41 triple-doubles in the regular season.

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