LeBron James’ son Bryce got caught in film while hilariously impersonating his father

LeBron James never stops giving folks fodder for jokes about him. He would make goofy faces, dance like Drake, and celebrate dunks with a specially created animated avatar on the floor. All of this provides his fans with plenty of content to use. 

You’ve already  seen the video where the Akron Hammer was caught impersonating Kobe Bryant while the Mamba couldn’t stop laughing. On the record, LeBron has been the target of similar trolls when fans, players, and comedians attempted to mimic his speaking and walking style. Take a glance at Bryce Maximus James, LeBron’s son, imitating King James.

Bryce, LeBron’s younger boy, exclaims in the video, “LeBron James, the one and only the king. The king from Cleveland.” As his 17-year-old brother Bronny bursts out laughing, he says, “You 15 years old, 6’2”! Mannnnnn!”


The 15-year-old first appears, telling a story about the King of Cleveland before asking Bronny how tall he is and acting surprised by how tall the teenager is. That was terrific, and it demonstrates the kids’ personalities as well as the positive atmosphere at James’ house. Despite the fact that some fans joked about swapping LeBron with Bryce, we’re sure the King enjoyed the impersonation as much as his family and the fans.

Savannah James documented the performance on Instagram and couldn’t stop laughing as she saw her son do an immaculate impression of her husband. I’m curious how LeBron reacted to this, she said. Previously, it was Bronny who trolled Dad by claiming that Step Curry was his father. Aside from that, the children probably miss their man while he is on the court ripping apart his opponents’ defences.

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