LeBron James ‘strongly’ reacts to disturbing footage of Tyre Nichols police incident

A 29-year-old male named Tyre Nichols died on January 10 in a hospital following another police brutality against a racial minority on January 7. A group of undercover scorpion police stopped his car at a traffic signal and beat the poor soul violently until he was senseless and in critical condition.

Police brutality against black people is still a regular incident in the USA, even after George Floyd’s murder back in 2019, which led to the then US president taking a stand, but, after all those histories regarding black lives, there seems to be no change in policing.

The recent incident again incites huge outrage throughout the nation, as well as various celebrity expressions of mourning and anger. After seeing the video footage of such violent, graphic police brutality, NBA living legend LeBron James also opened his mouth.

What did Lebron James say regarding Tyree Nicholas’s police incident?

A video of Nicholas’ murder was published last night and contains graphic and disturbing inhumane details. We caution you before viewing the video below.


LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers expressed his thoughts on the matter in an insecure and irritated tone. “WE ARE OUR OWN WORSE ENEMY!!!” he tweeted.

More than 300 African Americans have died as a result of police brutality in the last decade, which is extremely concerning. It appears in a police textbook that a black man must be a criminal or involved in suspicious activities. However, there is no color in crime and no uniform in crime.

The 18-time All-Star King James also shared the same perspective as he retweeted a human rights activist’s tweet.

The King never backs down from calling a spade a spade. Previously, he publicly criticized the hypocrisy of the media regarding a millionaire’s questionable involvement in racial segregation protests.

James also showed no hesitation in criticizing and commenting on true factors in a fierce manner.

What’s your opinion on Tyre Nichols’ death by police brutality? Did he deserve to be hunted down like an animal? Leave your comment with us.


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7 thoughts on “LeBron James ‘strongly’ reacts to disturbing footage of Tyre Nichols police incident”

  1. Those police officers didn’t have to do that man like that at all. The way that whole situation played out was unbelievable and hurtful. All five officers need to answer for the crime that was committed. The officer that was on the scene first when they stop him he was upset that mase was in his eyes so when he could see he went to where they had Tyler looking for revenge. Being a black man and a father of two sons this is really scary because our own community did this. If these officers were white we will be yelling black lives matters. Police officers doing shit like this need to be treated like criminals.

  2. I don’t think the brutality here was neither necessary nor called for. If he needed to be arrested and taken in for suspicion, fine but there were 4 policemen there and the victim did not try to get away until they started beating him. If it had been handled properly he would be alive and brought to court. But unfortunately there are policemen who want to hurt others physically not only to black people but white people are sometimes victims of police brutality too, I don’t know that any whites have died from it but I personally know some who were injured and mistreated. I believe the majority of policemen do not do this but there are obviously some who should not be officers of the law in our land. Those who treat others with this sort of brutality should be labeled criminals.

  3. Why even ask that question? Does anybody deserve to be hunted down like a damn animal? Or is it only a question when the race is black? Who tf is writing these stories where you need to ask that publicly? Its common sense and inhumane.

  4. This a sad day in America to know we don’t stand a chance against these police officers out here…they beat him tased him kicked him drugged him chased him down they laughed and joked about them hurting him..I hope and pray that the system do fail that young man’s family and son…give those5 sad miserable fucks life without parole


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