LeBron James takes shot at Russell Westbrook making Lakers’ PG look bad with King’s recent comment on Kyrie Irving

LeBron James, the all-star power forward of the Los Angeles Lakers, recently made comments about the team’s failure to acquire Kyrie Irving. LeBron James is still making headlines in the NBA and continues to prove that age is just a number.

At 38 years old, he’s still putting up impressive numbers of 30.0 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game, and 7.1 assists per game for the Los Angeles Lakers. But LeBron’s recent comments about Kyrie Irving raised some eyebrows and sparked some speculation about his relationship with his teammate Russell Westbrook.

LeBron recently expressed his disappointment about the Lakers’ failure to acquire Kyrie Irving, saying he was upset that the team was not able to land “such a talent.” With these comments, many believe that LeBron threw Russell Westbrook under the bus, implying that he wanted him traded instead.

Reporter Tomer Azarly noted that this is something he hasn’t seen before and that LeBron will still have to play the rest of the season with the player he wanted to be traded.

This raises questions about the impact this will have on the Lakers’ locker room and the relationship between Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. It’s important for the two superstars to come together and avoid any conflict if they want to make the playoffs and have a successful postseason run.

As for the Lakers’ plans ahead of the trade deadline, a recent report indicated that the team is interested in acquiring Tobias Harris and Furkan Korkmaz. This trade could have huge benefits for both the Lakers and the 76ers, as the Lakers would get key veterans that fit well with LeBron James, while the 76ers would get a backup big in Nerlens Noel and an elite veteran in Bojan Bogdanovic.

It remains to be seen whether the three teams will come together on a deal in the future, but this multi-team deal is definitely possible and could happen before the trade deadline. It’s an exciting time for fans of the Lakers, 76ers, and NBA as a whole, as the trade deadline is always filled with surprises and big moves.

Will LeBron James get the player he wants, or will the Lakers make a different move to bolster their roster? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: LeBron James will continue to dominate the court and make headlines in the NBA.



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