“LET’S GOOOOOOO!! One of the best teammates & leaders I’ve ever been around” JJ Watt reacts to DeMeco Ryans becoming Head Coach

JJ Watt, former defensive end for the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals, is ecstatic about the appointment of DeMeco Ryans as the new head coach of the Texans.

On Tuesday, Ryans was announced as the next head coach, and Watt was quick to take to Twitter to show his support.

In a tweet, Watt wrote, “LET’S GOOOOOOO!!!!!! You want to reenergize and reignite the incredible Houston fan base, this is a hell of a start!! Cannot wait to see what Meco does. One of the best teammates & leaders I’ve ever been around. #HTown.”

This sentiment speaks to the admiration and respect that Watt has for his former teammate, who he had just one season to play with in Houston.

DeMeco Ryans was in his sixth season as a linebacker for the Texans when the team selected JJ Watt with the 11th pick in the 2011 draft.

It was Ryans who helped lay the foundation for Watt’s successful career, as he passed the torch to the young defensive end, who went on to achieve three Defensive Player of the Year awards.

JJ Watt and DeMeco Ryans during their Texans days together.

JJ Watt may be retired now, but he remains an interested observer of the Texans. He may be spending his days out of the game, but he will surely be rooting for his former team and the man who helped start it all, DeMeco Ryans. Watt has set a high bar for the Texans’ defense and Ryans, with his wealth of experience as a player and coach, is the right man to take it to the next level.

Watt sees this as a step in the right direction for the team and is confident in Ryans’ abilities to re-energize the fan base and lead the defense to new heights.



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