Tyson Fury makes deal with Tommy to become Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal trainer in the event of him losing to Jake Paul

On February 26, the long-awaited fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will finally take place, and Tyson Fury has warned his brother if he loses, he may end up working as a personal trainer for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Two-time heavyweight boxing world champion and already legendary fighter Tyson Fury has put pressure on his younger brother Tommy to match his success when he and Jake square off, telling Tommy he shouldn’t come home until he knocks Jake out.

‘I have told Tommy that if he loses he has to stay over in Saudi and become Ronaldo’s personal trainer. He agreed. He will have to spend his losers purse on a nice little flat out in Saudi and look after Ronnie.’ said Tyson.

Tommy Fury, the younger brother of Tyson Fury, made his debut in the professional boxing ring in 2018 at Manchester Arena, where he competed and won against Jevgenijs Andrejevs. Over the course of the subsequent four years, the 23-year-old boxer went on to win seven more fights.

Tyson claimed that his brother Tommy has an advantage because he has been active in boxing ever since he was seven or eight years old and has consistently boxed in training camp after training camp. After 12 amateur battles, Tommy was turned into a boxer by Tyson and his father, and he has been training and competing ever since.


When talking about Tommy, who recently became a father, The Gipsey King related his first child’s birth experience. It’s been a week since Tommy Fury and his partner, Molly-Mae Hague, became parents to their first child together.

According to Tyson, the only things Tommy asks him for advice on are related to trash-talking, marriage, and raising children.

‘When my first baby Venezuela was born I was actually boxing on the same night in Dublin. She arrived early and obviously, I got an awful lot of earaches for it on the day and forever. You miss one birth and that’s it – you’re done for. But Tommy is getting paid well and lots of people have to miss out on family things for their work.’ said Tyson.

When it comes to boxing, do you think TNT will be able to live up to his brother’s legacy by becoming a WBC champion?


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