Update: “Top G fans as everyone stands up against the dishonest Romanian officials” Andrew Tate’s manager informs as no evidence found against detention charges

Kickboxer turned online influencer Andrew Tate has been in police detention since December; nevertheless, his manager just announced that there is good news on the way for Tate fans very soon.

Authorities have been watching the king of toxic masculinity since April of last year owing to his questionable social media activities. Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania a month ago as part of an investigation into an alleged rape and human trafficking.

Just one week after his imprisonment, the social media star and self-proclaimed misogynist Tate appealed to a court in Bucharest, Romania, but the court ruled against him. Tate’s arrest was extended, and he is now spending another thirty days in jail, according to a spokesman of the Romanian anti-organized crime group DIICOT.

Although there are several accusations brought against Tate, many of his fans still hold the belief that he is innocent. Recently, Tate’s management revealed that they have been monitoring public reaction, and that good news for those who have always believed in Tate’s innocence may be on the horizon.

“The upcoming week will be very encouraging for the Top G fans as everyone stands up against the dishonest Romanian officials. It’s going to be a supercharged week for the Tates, but I can’t reveal the specifics just yet,” said Tate’s manager. 

Top G is currently in the custody of Romanian authorities, but he has maintained an active social media presence, and in a recent tweet he expressed that he is watching to see who sticks by his side during this difficult time.

“During my incarceration. I’ve been tracking everyone who stood up in support. Everyone who stood on the fence. And those too scared to stick up for me despite my innocence. God knows they’re cowards, and I know they’re cowards.” Tate tweeted.

Two women, Luana Radu (32) and Georgiana Naghel (28) were also arrested for aiding and abetting the criminal activities of Tate and his brother Tristan.


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