‘Aggressive and controlling’ Former model Carla Howe reveals shocking story of her escape from Andrew Tate following his arrest

Times are not going well for former world champion kickboxer Andrew Tate. After insisting for a while that the ‘Matrix’ was out to get him and would eventually lock him up in one way or the other, has become a reality. As is the disturbing reality of the west, grifters like fashion Model Carla Howe have now come up with accusations against the famed influencer to draw public attention.

Carla Howe’s accusations

Tate had ‘allegedly’ tried to lure the washed-out British model to Romania as she was actually tempted to go as she fell for the playboy’s messages and flirting skills. Howe had only decided to cancel her trip to Romania after her communication with Andrew was cut short.

Carla claims her conversations with Tate began in February of 2022 on Instagram. Per her claims, the initial messages were ‘Romantic’ and ‘Complimentary’ which made her weak for the former kickboxer. But with time, she accuses Tate of becoming more ‘controlling’ and ‘aggressive’.

Later when the British tried to go on a ‘holiday’ to Spain and ‘Top G’ naturally tried to stop her from indecent behavior. She also accused Andrew of telling her to obey him. ‘Cobra’ had requested her a few times to come to Romania per allegations but she initially thought she shouldn’t just “come to another country to meet someone I’ve never met”

Despite all this, Carla agreed to travel to Romania in August and only had to halt her trip because ‘Top G’ got banned from Instagram. Later she spoke to the media about her allegations,

“He wanted me to go to Romania and I was tempted. It makes me think now how it could have gone terribly. I’d probably have ended up not leaving the house ever. I had a lucky escape. I thought I would give him a chance and was tempted to have a relationship with him.”

Validity of her claims?

Carla Howe’s accusations seem like poorly written-fiction at best. How a person in her thirties can ‘mistakenly fall’ for a controversial celebrity when ‘criticisms’ about him exist all over the internet, doesn’t make much sense. She also nearly agreed to go to ‘unfamiliar’ Romania and only canceled her trip due to her communications getting cut, which sounds like a load of nonsense.

As controversial culture works in the west, Howe is probably trying to bring some light to her name and win some sympathy since her career has long been over.


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