“He has r*ped somebody” Andrew Tate’s ex-girlfriend reveals shocking reality beneath human trafficking allegations

Andrew Tate, a kickboxer turned internet influencer, was recently arrested in Romania on various charges, including money laundering and human trafficking. For quite some time, the controversial figure has been the focus of social media attention due to his hateful and misogynistic remarks. Following his detention, his ex-girlfriend recently revealed something that everyone finds totally shocking.

Tate, a Romanian resident for the past five years, has been under the surveillance of Romanian officials since April of last year. Last Thursday, Romanian prosecutors confirmed Tate and his brother Tristan’s detention as part of an investigation into human trafficking and rape.

Many people classified Tate as a misogynist since he previously made some controversial comments about women. He was restricted from using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to convey his conflicting ideology. He has regained access to Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover. His already poor reputation took a major hit once new allegations of rape and human trafficking surfaced.

Despite all the talk over Tate’s guilt or innocence, there are still many Top G fans who have faith in Tate’s innocence. Tam Khan, a Tate acquaintance, recently came forward to praise Tate. Above all, Mr. Khan highlighted Tate’s humanitarian activity, which includes charitable contributions.

However, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend has revealed something that is leading some to believe otherwise. Tate, as she has stated, is not the type of person who would be capable of doing all of the awful things for which he was arrested. This is the woman for whom the former kickboxer was widely criticized for allegedly beating her. 

“He’s not a human trafficker. He would never r*pe any anybody, and he would certainly never ever human traffick anybody, either. Including his brother, they would never do such a thing.” said the ex-girlfriend. 

Furthermore, she uttered an exclamation of astonishment since she simply cannot fathom how Tate could have carried any of these out.

”I’m just so shocked, I’m so fed up with all of these lies. Talking about Andrew Tate that he’s a woman beater, that he’s a human trafficer, he has r*ped somebody. It is so false.” she added.

Tate, his brother, and two other Romanian citizens remain in police custody for the aforementioned offenses, and according to an official report, they will be detained for thirty days.

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