US WNBA basketball superstar Brittney Griner named Arizonan of the Year

The year 2022 was quite interesting for NBA fans as they witnessed amazing games going down to the final minute and records being broken consistently. However, the most “hyped-up” moment last year was when Brittney Griner landed safely in the US. People from around the globe wanted the WNBA star to be free, and as the White House and president Biden promised, she was back from Russian prison almost after a year after being behind bars for carrying Marijuana.

After coming back, fans were delighted, to say the least, as they tried their best to raise their voices and get this talented lady back in the playing arena and away from enemy territory. 

Moreover, coming back to her homeland, she has been rewarded “big time” by being nominated and going on to be named the “Arizonan of the Year.”

How did fans react to her achievement?

Furthermore, even though fans of Griner were happy and celebrated her achievement with beautiful wishes and tweets, the majority of the people seemed to disapprove of her title mainly since she was traded with the Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout and the state could have traded him for someone more significant than a person who broke the law on foreign soil. Many fans even seemed outraged in the comments of the tweet. 

A fan wrote in the comments, “Give me a f*ck*ng break. I wish I could break laws and then become someone’s person if the year.”

Additionally, another wrote, “Hates America, breaks Russian law, is traded for a notorious arms dealer, The Merchant of Death, leaving a decorated veteran Marine behind, and Arizona wants to recognize Griner as Arizonan of the Year? The Editorial Board that decided this needs to be fired.”

“So convicted drug smugglers are heroes now ? Pathetic.” a fan added. 

A fan questioning Britteny’s gender wrote, “No way we should have traded that dude, for this dude!”

Many people also spoke for Griner and the people of color, wanting unification amongst everyone so that America could be “Great again!”

A fan showing support for Griner wrote, “Well deserved ✊🏽”

“We are so hypocritical, always willing to slam others, as if we’re so righteous. Whites still want to pretend that they don’t know why Black athletes kneel. Look around you and see how many people of color that you’ve embraced. Hate breeds more hate.” a fan responded.

 Does Griner deserve her new title? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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