Who is Alex Caruso Girlfriend Mia Amabile? Exploring love affairs

After rocking the court on behalf of the Los Angeles Lakers, the 2020 NBA championship winner, Alex Caruso is back in business, but this time with the Chicago Bulls.

For his exceptional defensive instincts, passing skills, and amazing dunk shots, Alex Caruso has been an all-time fan favorite among his admirers.

While this Bald Mamba is flying high on the track, his life off the track is taking an adventurous turn as he is thrilled by Mia Amabile’s charms and wants to hold her in his arms.

So, what are you waiting for, jump in to discover more about Alex Caruso’s Girlfriend, her profession, net worth and some juicy gossip to spice up you day.

Who is Alex Caruso Girlfriend- Mia Amabile?

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The lady who afforded Alex Caruso some sunshine in rain and giggling in pain is none other than the famous Instagram influencer and model Mia Amabile who was born on June 19,1996 in Ohio. Laurie Zuccarini and Michael Amabile are her parents and Christian Amabile is her only dear brother.

What is Alex Caruso Girlfriend profession?

Social Media Marketer at LF Stores is how she describes her profession but in reality, Mia Amabile’s accomplishments are hard to place under one roof as she is a multi-talented lady who with her exceptional versatility earned stardom in modeling, fashion styling, branding and more to name a few.

On top of that, a collection of 256k followers on Instagram, 171k on TikTok and 28.5k subscribers on YouTube makes her one of the most popular and successful influencers of the decade.

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This female fatale is the lethal combination between beauty and brain because along with beauty, she has proved her prowess in brain games too with a bachelor’s degree in economics from San Diego State University.

Alex Caruso Girlfriend Net Worth

As of December 2022, her net worth is around $1.5 million dollar which she earned utilizing her fantastic career.

How many kids the couple has?

They started dating only a few months ago and have a plenty of time on hand to think about bringing new members on the family. Alex being so handsome and Mia the paradigm of beauty, their little ones are sure to be damn adorable.

How they got together?

Some moments are too precious to share with others, as they deserve to be locked in the deepest locker of the soul, and so it is for Alex Caruso and his girlfriend, as neither of them opened up about detailing the beginning of their courtship.

However, it appears, they had been covertly dating for some time before finally coming out with the news on August 2021 with an Instagram photo that Alex posted in which he was seen standing next to Mia.

Did Alex Caruso date someone before hooking up Mia Amabile?

The Arizona girl, Abby Brewer who is an executive at BLND dated Alex Caruso in 2019 and the duplet parted their ways in the mid of July 2021.


Alex Ex-girlfriend
Alex Ex-girlfriend(Source: thesportsdaily.com)

Don’t you think that when someone leaves you, he or she makes room for someone else to come in? I believe you do, as you can see that this formula seems to have worked for Alex Caruso, for he found the charming Mia Amabile after experiencing a breakup with Abby Brewer.

What benefits Mia Amabile got hooking up Alex Caruso?

The lady is a millionaire herself who leads a lavish life without taking minimal assistance from anyone and when it comes to her boyfriend, she only craves three things from him-love, love, and countless love.

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Having a vast possession under her name, she is creating examples for young girls out there to chase their dreams and savor the joy of self-dependence.

Alex Caruso career trajectory after dating Mia Amabile

After announcing the news of their being together, on August 10, 2021, Alex Caruso made a monstrous achievement in his career which is the $37 million contract with Chicago Bulls and what else but the enchantment of Mia Amabile’s sparkling blue eyes are to account for this marvelous attainment.

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