“I don’t fold under that type of pressure” Alexander Volkanovski challenges critics ahead of UFC 284 bout vs Islam Makhachev

Alexander Volkanovski is thrilled to face Islam Makhachev in UFC 284 on February 11th, and he has a message for all his doubters who think he is not going to be able to defeat Makhachev.

Volkanovski had a remarkable performance in a variety of weight classes as he contested in the welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight weight categories over the course of his career.

The Australian fighter, who has won each of his previous twelve UFC battles, is about to enter the cage to face the reigning lightweight champion. In 2022, he was victorious over both Max Holloway and Jung Chan-sung.

Alexander Volkanovski punching Max Holloway

The 34-year-old fighter recently talked to Allstar about his career, including his forthcoming legacy-defining bout against Islam, in which he has the opportunity to be champion in both the featherweight and lightweight divisions. The Great stated that he is aware of the challenge that he will face considering Islam is the current lightweight champion and is in terrific form.

“I want challenges. These challenges are making me better,” Volkanovski said in an interview with the AllStar. “Sitting there and protecting records has never been how I was… Every fight’s a risk.. I would rather take on bigger challenges, challenges that people think can’t be done. At the end of the day, that just moves you forward.” said Alexander Volkanovski

The number one pound-for-pound fighter believes he can defeat Islam, who is currently the number two pound-for-pound fighter. The Australian fighter believes he has worked hard enough to defeat anyone who stands in his way. To top it all off, he is confident in his ability to defeat his opponent and disprove his doubters.

“I don’t fold under that type of pressure. I’m ready for the challenge… This is just words I’m telling everyone. People are gonna think it ain’t gonna happen. People are gonna doubt me — and they should. This isn’t an easy challenge. But just remember that you are putting him on this pedestal… acting like it can’t be done,” said Alexander. 

Islam Makhachev, the current UFC lightweight champion, battled Charles Oliveira in his first title bout last October. However, the current featherweight champion is confident enough to beat Makhachev and achieve the glorious feature of becoming champion in two different divisions.

“Just remember that. Don’t forget about that. When I get this job done, don’t start changing this narrative.” Volkanovski said.

The blockbuster UFC fight that will take place at the RAC Arena in Perth has already piqued the attention of the fans.

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