“Women always break my heart” Tom Brady’s Rumored Girlfriend Veronika Rajek confesses to dating girls, revealing her as Bis*xual

Slovak model Veronika Rajek is a hot topic nowadays. The famous Instagram influencer has recently gained a lot of popularity as she started gushing over Tom Brady. She complimented Brady in the series of her Instagram posts and also confessed her love in the caption of her posts.

“I love Brady, yes I love him”, Veronika wrote in the caption of a picture she shared on social media after watching the New Orleans game in December.


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But it didn’t end there she continuously shared pictures and captions related to the Five-star Super Bowl champion.


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It is speculated that they are really dating, on the other hand, a great number of people also doubt that she is doing this just to gain popularity.

However, her recent announcement came as a shock to fans, especially to those who have emancipated her relationship with Brady. The 26 years old appeared in a ‘Pillow Talk’ podcast hosted by Ryan Pownall and Carly Lawrence where she talked about her personal and professional life.

When asked about her ‘sexual orientation’, she simply said, “Uh, I’m like…bis*xual.” The information that she identifies herself as bisexual was a shock for both hosts and fans. This announcement has sparked a lot of debates and discussions, both positive and negative, in the media and among the public.

She also revealed that she has dated girls before. “Women always break my heart and it’s so painful, there is so much drama. We are the same but not the same,” the social media influencer shared.

When asked by the hosts if she will ever involve a third person in her lovemaking, Veronika revealed that she is also comfortable having threesomes which somehow indicates she has been in the act previously and enjoyed that. 

She went on adding, that she sometimes faces problems as she is really beautiful, and those who want to join her at that time get intimidated as they sometimes get this phobia of not being as beautiful as the Instagram Influencer might turn out to be an issue. Veronika though made it clear that she welcomes “confident enough” fans to her party and no need to get intimidated by her appearance.

As far as her relationship with Brady is concerned the rumors are still unconfirmed. Despite the speculation and alleged sightings, neither party has publicly confirmed the relationship. Until there is an official confirmation from any of the sides, it remains a matter of speculation only.


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