Lewis Hamilton raises the stakes with star-studded gathering at Glastonbury featuring Kim Kardashian and Elton John

As the biggest fan of The Elton John Rocket Club, Lewis Hamilton was sure not to miss Elton John’s last concert at the Glastonbury Festival at the Worthy Farm in the United Kingdom Of Great Britain. 

Lewis Hamilton flew down to Glastonbury from Battersea in a helicopter to not miss Elton’s last stint. He squeezed this concert between his hectic schedule of practice and simulation runs as Lewis faces the great Austrian Grand Prix this Sunday and cannot afford to miss a podium place finish

Lewis Hamilton rocks the Glastonbury event

Hamilton was highly cheery as he got to see the legend perform. Lewis also took selfies with Elton’s husband, David Furnish, and other celebrities who attended the same. 

Hamilton was all smiles as watched the icon perform from the side of the stage

Lewis was not the only celebrity present as the audience included ever-green actors like Taron Egerton, Andrew Garfield and Paul McCartney. They stood witness to Britain’s finest songwriter performing his last concert.

The Rocket Man dazzled the audience in a gold suit and opened with Pinball Wizard in what must have been one of the most awaited shows in the history of music festivals. 

Elton was pure gold at Glastonbury on Sunday night
Is Lewis Hamilton more popular than Max Verstappen?

Lewis has always been more than a racer; he is a showman. He stands up for causes, supports others publicly, and has been in this industry for far too long, having made friends across dimensions. 

Whether it be other sports fields like Tennis, basketball or another universe like acting, LH has friends all over. The celebrities who have visited him in the paddock alone are enough to make this statement “Is Lewis Hamilton more popular than Max Verstappen?” fall onto the yes side. 

Lewis Hamilton had already taken a break from the world of Formula One recently as he was seen partying with Kim Kardashian and Pharrell at a star-studded LV show in the beautiful city of Paris.

It’s not all just friends, as he has had many celebrity girlfriends as well, one of them being Nicki Minaj. There were reports that the two were dating as they were captured at NY Fashion Week in early 2020.

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While Lewis Hamilton has an ample number of celebrity friends, Max Verstappen is trying to match that number with the number of race wins as he secured another win during the Canadian GP. While he aims to record a consecutive streak of wins at the Austrian GP, Lewis hopes to return to his winning days and quench his career’s-dearth of race wins. 


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