Who has the most podium finishes in F1 history? Unveiling the astounding list of legendary drivers

Each race fan usually wants their favorite driver to be on the podium, and today, we take a deep dive into who has the most podium finish in F1. You would be surprised to find out which legends have made it to the final list.

For all novice race fans, The Podium refers to the platform on which prizes are awarded to the three highest-placed drivers at the end of a race. This is done while playing the national anthem of the winners. 

An additional fun fact to note here is that if the Podium consists of current or former world champions, it is said to be a champion’s podium. 

Who holds the record for most podium finishes?

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton holds the record of having the “Most podium finish in F1” with a staggering number of 194 podiums. He started his career in 2007.  

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The billion-dollar man began by finishing P3 on his debut in Australia before he won the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix — which was the first of his career. From there on, he has equaled Schumacher’s record of attaining Seven World Drivers’ Champion titles. 

His record of 194 podium finishes seems too good to be true and unbeatable, as the second place is occupied by Michael Schumacher, with only 155 podiums to his name.  If there is anyone who can challenge Lewis’s “the most podium finish in F1”, it’s likely Max Verstappen, who is young enough and already has 85 Podiums under his name. 

Max Verstappen comes from ninth on grid to win Miami Grand Prix | Racing News - Times of India

How many nations make the top 10 list of podium finishes? 

Great Britain occupies the number one place as Lewis Hamilton is from the land where ‘the sun never sets’. 

Lewis Hamilton to be knighted? F1 world champion opens up on potential honour | F1 | Sport | Express.co.uk

Germany occupies the second and third place as Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel hold the second and third place, respectively. 

Sebastian Vettel pays tribute to 'hero' Michael Schumacher ...

France claims fourth place as four-time world champion Alain Prost holds the fourth position with 106 podiums under his belt. 

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Finland comes in clutch as it holds the fifth place with Kimi Raikkonen, who has 103 wins to his credit. This place is shared between Kimi and Fernando Alonso of Spain. Since Alonso is still an active racer, this record probably won’t be shared for long as Kimi is retired. 

Alonso: “very strong opponent” in Raikkonen | KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN SPACE

The seventh position is held by Max Verstappen of the Netherlands, with 85 wins to his name. 

Dutch GP: Max Verstappen strengthens grip on F1 title with victory on home soil | CNN

The infamous Aryton Senna and his home country Brazil hold the Eight Place.

Senna's Emotional Home Win | 1991 Brazil Grand Prix - YouTube

Brazil is on a roll as Rubens Barrichello holds 9th place, who raced along with Schumacher and hailed from Brazil as well. 

Look back: Saying goodbye to Rubens Barrichello in 2011

The final place is held by Valtteri Bottas, who hails from Finland, the same as Kimi. 

Valtteri Bottas retained by Mercedes for next F1 season - Hindustan Times

After taking a trip down memory lane. Tell us who your favorite driver is amongst all the record holders mentioned above!

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