Lewis Hamilton’s reported 2-year Mercedes contract extension puts speculation to rest ahead of the Canadian GP

The long-time rumors of Lewis Hamilton signing a new contract have finally reached a fruitful end. Latest reports suggest that Lewis Hamilton has signed a 2-year contract with Mercedes but with an unbelievable pay cut. 

This raises more questions as to why would the billion-dollar man voluntarily consent to a contract with lesser pay when the seven-time world champion could avail of the better prospectus from rival teams like Ferrari. Confused? Let us try to make sense of how the great Lewis Hamilton makes his choices. 

Has Lewis Hamilton extended his contract with Mercedes?

Months of tireless speculations and predictions have come to rest after the reports from UF Journal’s Sergio Rodriguez. Sergio reported that Lewis Hamilton has finally reached a consensus with Mercedes and signed a contract extension with lesser pay. 

Since it has not been made official we still need to wait for the same to be heard from the tri-star. Reported that the new contract would be published during the Canadian Grand Prix which is scheduled to be held from 16th June 2023 to 18th June 2023. 

Lewis Hamilton Signs Two-Year Contract Extension | F1 News

Speculation about Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari

As we all know the seven-time world champion is expected to be a free agent for 2024 as his contract with Mercedes expires at the conclusion of this season, according to some dubious reports, Ferrari had made Hamilton a £40 million offer.

However, team principal Frederic Vasseur told the media that “Ferrari has not made a contract offer to Lewis Hamilton”. The update about Ferrari drivers now is that; Leclerc is in a five-year deal with Ferrari till 2024 while Sainz is in a new multi-year contract till 2024.

Opinions raised about Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari in the paddocks are as follows;

“It’s almost Hobson’s choice for Lewis – why not stay with the team that brought you all that success rather than risk it just to say ‘I was a Ferrari driver’ for one point of your career when really they have a quick car on a Saturday and they don’t on a Sunday,” said Simon Lazenby

“I understand the lure of Ferrari, but when you look at them for the last 15 years they have been serial underachievers – they’ve been a team in constant transition. Whereas Mercedes have the pedigree, they made one philosophical mistake and now they’re in transition – maybe that transition period will take last year, this year and they know they’re already a year behind if these upgrades get them to the point where they’re on a track that they can play development war with Red Bull from the start of next season,” he added. 

For Lewis Hamilton, staying with Mercedes seems to be the most ideal choice. However, if the champ would like a change of pace in the final part of his career, he may look for opportunities in rival substandard teams.

Whatever the final situation turns out to be, we should be getting updates soon. So stay tuned with Sportszion to find out the latest updates.


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