Ex Packers star supports Justin Jones’ competitive spirit despite fan comment: “I like that fire in him”

The Packers and the Bears have shared an intense rivalry for a long time now. Naturally, the same competitiveness trickles down to the fanbases of both teams who can sometimes take things too far.

However, it is the players and the game for which they claim to engage in such battles though the players try to keep themselves out of such actions. Yet, sometimes the players can’t resist themselves, pull the leg of the fans, and hence find themselves hitting the headlines.

Recently, the Bears defensive tackle Justin Jones expressed his disdain by labeling Packers supporters as “obnoxious” and “sh—y” while throwing a challenge to the former’s veteran player Aaron Rodgers. However, one of the team’s former players who is now on the Bears roster came into the limelight by replying to his teammates’ comments.

Robert Tonyan reacts to Justin Jones’ controversial comment

As Jones’ comment went viral, the Bears DE Robert Tonyan found it amusing that his teammate took the fans’ rivalry so seriously to comment on it as the conflict between these two teams is not unknown to any of the Packers and Bears players, however, the defensive end played the role on the side of his teammate.

“This rivalry is huge,” Tonyan said. “It’s one of the strongest in the NFL so there’s obviously going to be that banter for sure.”

Hate among the fans against the opposite team is a common matter, yet sometimes their comment can be truly hurtful for the players and coaches to handle, additionally, sometimes the fans do not hesitate to dig into the players’ family matters as well.

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“Honestly, whatever stadium I went to I felt like that was the case, you know?” he said. “Fans are wild. Especially when they’ve had a couple of drinks.”

The defensive tackle is also in love with the spirit and bold nature of Justin as it remains a source of inspiration for him if the DT has to provide harsh retorts to any fans in the future.

“I like that. I like that fire in him,” he added.

What is the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers?

Chicago and Green Bay are the two oldest teams of the NFL and have been playing against each other since 1921. Not to mention the geographically connected states which probably have added fuel to the fire.

The two teams first met on 27 November 1921 when the Bears outrun the Packers in 20-0. Since then, they have played more than 206 games including two playoffs, with the Bears 95 securing victories and the Packers taking home 105, tying 6.

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Fans of both teams may consider their side to be better however, the Packers team is currently in the driver’s seat winning both of its annual games against the rival team.

Now, the Packers and the Bears are scheduled to meet for another game in week 1 of the upcoming season so more back and forth can be expected.


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