19-year-old Inter Miami midfielder discloses Lionel Messi’s bizarre advice to ‘stand still’ to score more goals


If anyone doubted the prospects of Lionel Messi’s instant impact in the MLS after his move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami, they should probably stay away from the betting game. La Pulga touched down in Fort Lauderdale in blistering form and has already spearheaded the Miami club’s journey to their first-ever silverware by winning the Leagues Cup.

He continues to produce magic on the field as always, but his ventures off the field also never go unnoticed. His short time in America has sparked intriguing events, with netizens in hot pursuit of every murmur with “Lionel Messi” in it.

David Ruiz shares bizarre Lionel Messi advice

A piece of advice from the greatest of the game is priceless, and young aspiring footballers will walk through lava to get near him to pluck out one or two of his secrets. When Inter Miami’s 19-year-old hot prospect, David Ruiz, came out to say, “One thing Messi told me is to stand still more,” reactions, including a video of Messi lazily walking around just before scoring a screamer flooded social media across all platforms. Apart from the jokes, the suggestion seems to have made perfect sense to Ruiz.

“You want to run for every ball, look for space to have it more, but he has told me to stay still in my position, and the ball will come to me. I tried it, and it came off. I was more patient.”

Lionel Messi’s “walking” has been a thing of several discussions in the past as well. Beyond his incomparable creative abilities, pundits have analysed him left and right to unearth the secret behind his deadly instincts to cut in from the left and score in a flash, leaving the defenders stranded in no man’s land. All the greatest wingers of our time will fall short of him, that too, in their forte.

One would remember if they have watched the Amazon Prime series ‘This is Football’ Pep Guardiola fondly highlighting this peculiarity of his beloved pupil.

“He’s not running but always watching what’s happening. He smells where are the weak points in the back four. He’s not running, but he’s always watching what’s happening. He smells where are the weak points in the back four. After five, ten minutes, he has the map in his eyes, in his brain to know exactly where is the space,” Pep said.

Ruiz has already reaped the benefits of listening to his Argentinian senior as he managed to score in the next game against Philadelphia.

Lionel Messi’s goal-scoring record for Inter Miami

Speaking of Lionel Messi’s Killer instincts, he has already begun his demolition of MLS, and the defenders can’t cope with him. The 36-year-old veteran has already scored 10 goals and assisted 3 times in 7 games for Inter Miami. The club has never lost or even drawn in all the games he has played in. 

With the Argentinian talisman on their side, Inter Miami has already bagged a trophy this season and will be looking to climb up from their rock-bottom position in the MLS.

Lionel Messi

With his club facing FC Cincinnati in the semi-finals of the U.S. Open Cup, do you think the fortunes lie with Messi? Let us know in the comments section.



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