Lions propose NFL regulation change proposal in hopes of implementing “Josh Johnson Rule” for 2023 season

After the NFL’s free agency opened, the franchises are considering bringing some regulation changes, and the Detroit Lions are proposing four changes in rules and bylaws.

Prior to every season, teams participate in the proposal of several rules and bylaws changes to make the game more efficient and impactful. Some of those proposals might be accepted by the NFL if those modifications would actually make a difference in the coming seasons.

One of the four proposals the Lions made this season was the ‘Josh Johnson rule.’

What is the Josh Johnson rule that the Lions proposed?

The rule indicates an additional third quarterback on a team’s roster for any game in case the first two quarterbacks become unable to play due to injury or emergencies. This third quarterback can be a member of the inactive roster or even the practice squad.

This bylaw was actually in the book previously, where a third quarterback can be included on the game-day roster. However, later it became void after the NFL reconstructed the roster of 46 players, and the franchises didn’t consider that their two quarterbacks would be unavailable to continue the game.

But in the last season, a similar incident occurred in the game 49ers vs. Eagles in the NFC championship. The 49ers’ Brock Purdy got injured, and their backup quarterback Josh Johnson replaced him and got concussed later. The starter, Purdy, had to substitute him with an injured elbow, and the Niners lost the game.

Though the chances of something like this happening are slim, the franchises are no longer willing to take risks that could cost them a crucial game. With the name of the Niners’ backup quarterback, we can call it the ‘Josh Johnson rule.’

What are your thoughts on the Josh Johnson rule? Should the NFL implement this rule in the coming season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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