Logan Paul earns Cody Rhodes’ approval after his shoutout to Dominik Mysterio at UFC 295 event

Recently, at Crown Jewel, Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to win the WWE United States Championship. A minority of Paul’s followers believe he is nothing more than a gimmick, doing nothing but causing damage to the wrestling industry.

However, Logan has already contended for the WWE Universal Championship and faced Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. In light of the backlash Logan has received, Cody Rhodes spoke up about him. The American Nightmare, on a podcast, referred to Paul’s initial year in professional wrestling as the “greatest of all time.”

Logan Paul earns Cody Rhodes’ approval

At the Crown Jewel event, Logan Paul shocked everyone by winning the United States Championship by beating Rey Mysterio. His physical prowess was astonishing, surpassing everyone’s expectations. Some have criticized his victory and subsequent photoshoot with the title, while others, like Cody Rhodes, think he’s had a fantastic first year in professional wrestling.

Logan Paul
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During a conversation with Gabby LaSpisa, Cody Rhodes praised Logan Paul and made the statement that he might have had the best rookie year in the history of professional wrestling. Rhodes responded to ‘fake wrestlers’ who had questioned Paul’s sincerity in the business and commended his meteoric rise to fame.

In the show, he stated, “How good is he, huh? There’s some what I call pretend wrestlers in all companies, all across the world, and I think he probably irritates them the most because brother is an absolutely stellar professional wrestler. Absolutely stellar. Greatest rookie year of all time, perhaps. He is blazing forward, so I look forward to what he does.”

Logan Paul continues to shoutout Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio appeared to be enjoying Logan Paul’s time as the United States Champion. On a recent episode of Raw, the two appeared together, and Dominik used the opportunity to publicly express admiration for Paul. Paul reciprocated the gesture at UFC 295, giving a shoutout to Dominik on his phone screen and referring to him as the future of WWE.

Not for the first time has Logan Paul mentioned Dominik Mysterio in a video. When they squared off against Ricochet on Monday Night RAW, they bonded as enemies and later became friends. In light of recent events at UFC 295, fans are wondering whether Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio would form a tag team. Many WWE followers have voiced their wish to see these two prominent heels team up on-screen.

Do you want to see the duo work together in the future as a tag team? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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