Logan Paul to fight in WWE Money in the Bank? YouTuber turned wrestler set to make appearance on RAW

Logan Paul, the popular YouTuber and social media sensation, is once again making waves in the world of professional wrestling. Speculations are rife that Paul will be stepping into the WWE ring once again, this time for the highly anticipated WWE Money in the Bank event.

With his previous involvement in WWE events, fans are eager to witness his next move. The YouTube star turned wrestler is expected to make a special appearance on RAW, leaving fans wondering when his last fight in WWE took place and who his next opponent might be.

When did Logan Paul last fight in WWE?

Logan Paul’s involvement in the world of professional wrestling garnered attention when he made his first appearance in WWE back in April 2021. The YouTuber-turned-wrestler was the guest of honor during the highly anticipated WrestleMania 37 event, which took place on April 10th and 11th at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Logan Paul

During the event, Logan Paul played a significant role in the match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. He found himself in the middle of a heated rivalry between the two superstars and ultimately got involved in the action, inadvertently assisting Owens in securing victory over Zayn. The encounter left fans intrigued and wanting to see more of Logan Paul’s wrestling exploits.

Who is Logan Paul’s next opponent in WWE?

While the details of Logan Paul’s next opponent in WWE are yet to be officially confirmed, rumors are swirling within the wrestling community. Speculations suggest that Logan Paul may find himself in a feud with another high-profile WWE superstar, potentially leading to a match at WWE Money in the Bank.

Logan Paul

The event, known for its thrilling ladder matches, could provide the perfect stage for Paul’s next showdown. WWE has a history of bringing in celebrities and influencers for special appearances, often pitting them against established wrestlers to create memorable moments for fans.

Logan Paul’s venture into the world of professional wrestling continues to captivate audiences. With his upcoming appearance on RAW and speculations of his involvement in WWE Money in the Bank, the excitement surrounding the YouTuber’s wrestling career seems to be at an all-time high.


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