Why did Aaron Rodgers refuse to play for Patriots? Exploring NFL analysts bombshell claim on Jets QB

The legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers was entangled in a prolonged trade saga for a couple of weeks due to the indecisiveness of his former team Green Bay Packers and New York Jets, fortunately, the veteran star found himself enrolled in his biggest suitor Gang Green squad following a successful trade.

However, a popular NFL analyst recently dropped a ‘news-bomb’ saying the New England Patriots were also a potential suitor for the 39-year-old QB, however, he decided to turn down the offer on their face.

NFL analyst weighs in on bold Aaron Rodgers decision

Besides New York Jets, Tennessee Titans was another potential suitor for Aaron as their QB Ryan Tannehill has no guaranteed money left on his contract and the team might have moved on from him to include the ex-Packers star in their roster.

The Las Vegas Raiders also could have signed A-Rod to ensure a potential reunion with former Packers receiver Davante Adams was traded to the Raiders last year.

However, Popular NFL analyst Craig Carton recently reported Aaron actually got a proposal from Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots too, albeit the four-time MVP refused to play in the NFL GOAT Tom Brady’s former team.

“We learned yesterday that New England Patriots reached out to the Green Bay and representatives of Aaron Rodgers made it very clear to the Packers and to the Patriots if the Patriots trade for Aaron Rodgers, he is going to retire, he would not play for New England Patriots and I love him even more if even you went to San Francisco which I know was on the table. The fact that he looked Bill Belichick in the eye saying ‘I’ll never play for you’,” said Craig.

Rodgers never want to live in Tom Brady’s shadow

Belichick’s former student Tom is regarded as the undisputed GOAT of all GOATs, however, the Jets’ new QB1 is also a contender for the title and holds many records with the former NFL icon.

Both Aaron and Brady have won awards for being the NFL Passer Rating Leader, the Bucs’ former star got it twice and the Packers former star got it four times as well as both have also been awarded for being the NFL Passing Touchdowns Leader, five times for Brady and two times for Rodgers.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers

Both of the legends also hold several NFL records, albeit Brady’s records are way heavier than Rodgers, nevertheless, the Jets QB has not retired from the league till now and he has the chance to get his hands on some of the California Cool’s records. But he won’t like to live under his biggest rival’s shadow and hence, going for the Pats was like a big no for Aaron from the very beginning.

There is no concrete evidence in favor of Carton’s claim, however, Aaron seems to be having a good time in his new team as the Jets head coach Robert Saleh and all other young teammates are constantly heaping high praise on the veteran QB’s athleticism and commitment to the franchise.


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