Logan Paul turns down huge $1M MMA bout offer from singer Wiz Khalifa

Logan Paul has received plenty of fight offers since signing a contract with WWE earlier this year. Recently, he received a $1 million MMA bout offer from singer Wiz Khalifa, which he immediately declined.

The The YouTuber-turned-wrestler is well-known for his controversial activities. He went viral on the internet several times for doing crazy things. He recently launched the Impaulsive podcast, in which he invites celebrities and influencers to discuss a variety of topics.

Whiz Khalifa, an American rapper, recently appeared on one of Paul’s podcast episodes and spoke extensively about his career and future plans. Whiz is the co-owner of a mixed martial art based organization called Professional Fighters League (PFL) where he invited Logan to fight a bout for a million dollar.

Logan has only fought one match since signing with WWE, and that was last November in Saudi Arabia against The Tribal Chief. Despite his defeat, the internet influencer managed to establish a strong reputation as a wrestler.He has since offered to fight many other famous fighters, including another wrestling legend, John Cena.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul in his WWE debut

In the midst of numerous offers to join various fighting promotions, Paul received an unexpected offer from Whiz in his podcast. Logan, on the other hand, didn’t waste any time in telling his decision. He flat out said no. It would take far more than a million dollars to persuade him to accept this offer.

So far, it appears that Logan will not be joining any other promotion anytime soon, as he seems to be completely focused on his WWE career. But Paul fans are already excited to see him fight again.

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