UFC commentator Joe Rogan crowned ‘new Liver King’ following ‘wild game Christmas feast’

The UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has been a vocal critic of internet influencer Liver King for promoting an ancestral lifestyle, which later revealed that Brian Johnson was actually on steroids. Joe Rogan, ironically, has been crowned the “new liver king” since his Christmas post.


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Joe Rogan previously criticized the organ eater YouTuber multiple times in his podcast. Controversial bodybuilder Liver King later admitted to his steroid use and received hatred from his followers.

“He wants everybody that’s depressed and trying to kill themselves to reach their highest most dominant form but he wanted to lie about how he achieved his physique,” Joe said in his podcast.

“So mislead these people that just by eating liver, you can come close to that, so as you fail at that as well, it’s everything else you failed in life that led you to the point of doing something to yourself that you’re thinking about committing suicide.” Rogan added.

Following the shocking steroid revelation from the Liver King, UFC commentator wanted more celebrities to come clean, specifically mentioning Dwayne Johnson as  Joe always doubted whether Rocky’s on steroids or not. As over 350 million people follow Johnson on Instagram, the podcaster believes that the former wrestler should not deceive his fans anymore. 

Considering Joe’s view, his recent post on Christmas was certainly interesting as he posted a picture full of organ meats and captioned “wild game Christmas feast”. There was elk meat, nilgai, and heart chunks on a massive board. As expected, that post sparked interest among fans.

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