“Loser dad just wanted the autograph for himself”: NFL community outraged at dad confronting Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes for an autograph in an awkward video

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes participated in the American Century Championship in Nevada. He interacted with several fans and gave autographs. However, one particular autograph moment garnered everyone’s attention online. 

The quarterback is known for his generosity of signing autographs but after refusing one father, he found himself in a peculiar situation. An unexpected incident unfolded making Mahomes’ day extremely awkward. When the video of the particular incident was posted online, it went viral and generated mixed reactions from the fans. 

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ confrontation with dad asking for autographs turns awkward 

After signing autographs for fans, the quarterback continued playing golf, during which a fan approached him asking to sign a jersey for his son. As Mahomes was concentrating on his game he refused to give the autograph. However, the father took offense to his son not receiving the desired signature. 

Patrick Mahomes

“Can’t sign for everyone … can’t make everybody happy,” said Mahomes in response to the fan’s request.

The boy’s dad replied: “Yeah, you can … you can just make one kid happy out of a hundred.”

The quarterback then said, “I’ll make 99 sad.”

“That’s alright … one out of 99, at least it ain’t zero percent,” the father replied.

After that, the quarterback didn’t say anything and continued to focus on his game. He told a bunch of fans that he has been told not to sign autographs to speed up the match. 

NFL fans outraged at dad confronting Patrick Mahomes

The video of Patrick Mahomes denying the autograph was posted by the father which drew a decidedly mixed reaction online. Fans are furious at the dad for talking with the quarterback like that. Even though he wanted an autograph for his son, Mahomes is not compelled to give autographs.

Patrick Mahomes

Fans expressed disappointment in the man for not respecting the player’s denial and moving on.

One fan tweeted: “You got told no by a dude actively golfing. You aren’t owed an autograph and he’s right; you sign one kid’s jersey imagine the outrage when you don’t sign everyone else’s things”

Another fan taking the quarterback’s side claimed that the dad must have wanted an autograph for himself and was just gaining sympathy by using his son’s name.

“Loser dad just wanted the autograph for himself probably”

While fans were defending the quarterback some fans were at the dad’s side claiming that he could have signed it for the fan, it was one autograph after all.

“He’s a jerk. It was one kid smh.

If the situation would have been a little different and Mahomes wasn’t playing then he must’ve given the autograph. On the other hand, fans also need to understand that players are also human beings and need space. If the quarterback had refused once the father should have understood and moved on rather than arguing with him.

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