Lynn Bowden Jr.’s Career Through College and, So Far, Through The NFL

Lynn Bowden Jr. is a remarkable football player who has captured the attention of many with his impressive college career and his promising future in the NFL. 

Lynn was born in Youngstown, Ohio on October 14, 1997, and attended Warren G. Harding High School, where he played multiple positions, including quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. 

He had a tough upbringing, during which he experienced multiple shootouts. He saw someone get killed as a nine-year-old and was in eighth grade when he held a gun for the first time. 

“People profiled me as a street guy because I had all these tattoos, so I just went with it,” he explained to The Athletic in an interview during his time at Kentucky. “Nobody really wanted me. The people who really wanted me, it’s because I played sports. If I wasn’t doing something good for them, they basically gave up on me.”

Lynn, who mostly grew up without his father, credits the birth of his own son, Lynn Bowden III for turning his life around.

“I was going down the wrong path,” he said. “Then I found out my son was coming and I knew I had to step up and become a man.

“Reality set in: I got a child coming. I didn’t want him to be raised like I was, just with his mom, no dad there for those early life stages. Because the hardest thing I learned without my dad all those years is that’s really the one true love that you want to have, that father-son bond.”

“It’s no exaggeration at all to say my son saved my life,” he added. “I tell his mom that all the time: Y’all two really saved me.”

Of course, football had something to do with it too. Bowden was one of the hottest prospects in the nation.

Despite receiving offers from numerous top schools, he chose to attend the University of Kentucky, where he played from 2017 to 2019 and became one of the most versatile and dynamic players in the country.

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During his time at Kentucky, Bowden’s sophomore year was particularly noteworthy. He earned a spot on the All-SEC Second Team and was named the team’s most valuable player. He continued to impress in his junior year, which ultimately led him to forgo his senior year and enter the 2020 NFL Draft.

Bowden was selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the third round and played in 11 games during his rookie season. Known for his speed, agility, and versatility, he’s a really exciting player to watch on the field. Off the field, Bowden was also heavily involved in the Raiders’ community outreach program and worked to promote social justice causes.

Despite his promising rookie season, Bowden was eventually traded to the Miami Dolphins, where he continued to establish himself as a key player. However, he was later cut after being placed on their injured reserve. Bowden then signed with the New England Patriots and has since found a home with the Saints in New Orleans.

Throughout his journey to the NFL, Bowden has remained committed to making a difference both on and off the field. He has become known for his skills on the field as well as his dedication to promoting social justice causes, which has earned him respect and admiration from fans and colleagues alike.

Overall, Lynn Bowden Jr.’s journey to the NFL has been nothing short of amazing, though it’s had its negatives. With his impressive college career and his promising future in the league, he has become one of the most talked-about players in the NFL today. His skills on the field and his dedication to making a difference off the field have cemented his reputation as a remarkable athlete and a role model for many. Bowden undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him in the NFL.


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