Tom Brady sheds light on Rob Gronkowski’s quirky timekeeping habit amid daylight saving time

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, renowned NFL partners, have both embarked on retirement. Despite their departure from the NFL, their enduring bond has allowed them to gain deep insights into each other’s lifestyles and habits.

Recently, Brady talked about Gronk, the former NFL star tight end on his podcast, “Let’s Go.” The former quarterback shared that Gronk has a unique way of managing his time, showing that Gronk sees life differently.

Rob Gronkowski’s unconventional approach to daylight saving time

Rob Gronkowski has a unique approach to handling daylight-saving time. Tom Brady, Gronkowski’s longtime teammate, revealed his unusual timekeeping habit on his podcast.

Rob Gronkowski
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Brady shared that instead of following the conventional practice of setting clocks back by one hour at the end of daylight saving time, Gronkowski sets his clock one hour forward.

This means Gronkowski’s clock is set two hours ahead of the actual time after the end of daylight saving time.

The former QB emphasized that Gronk has a unique approach to everything in life.

“That’s what he would want to do to go against the grain a little bit,” Brady said. “Gronk had a unique way of looking at life, he still does, whenever anyone else goes right, he goes left.”

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have spent a lot of time together for Brady to be aware of all the habits of Gronk. However, this timekeeping practice of Gronk is not considered healthy. 

According to Mayo Clinic, The end of daylight saving time can have various effects, including disturbances in sleep patterns, headaches, lower energy, and potential impacts on mental health, such as seasonal affective disorder.

How long did Gronkowski play with Brady?

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady were teammates for a total of 11 seasons. They played together for the New England Patriots and later for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When Brady was traded to the Bucs from the Patriots, Gronk also retired from the team in 2018 and later returned with the Bucs and played again with Brady in 2020.

Rob Gronkowski
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The famous NFL duo helped the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl in 2020 and the NFC South in 2021. Now, both Brady and Gronk have retired from the NFL and are focusing on their post-retirement ventures.

During their time together, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have learned a lot from each other, and even though they don’t play together anymore they still share immense respect for each other’s work ethics.

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