Tom Brady shows off his basketball skills in latest multi-sports crossover with Jayson Tatum, Aaron Judge for Make-A-Wish cause

Despite his retirement, NFL legend Tom Brady continues to lead a busy life, securing new endorsements and business ventures. With seven Super Bowl championships under his belt, Brady boasts endorsements from Delta Airlines. Additionally, he holds ownership stakes in both the Las Vegas Raiders and the E1 Championship. 

However, the 46-year-old is now working to give back to his community. Tom Brady, along with Aaron Judge and Jayson Tatum, recently attended a charity event. During this event, Brady not only joined forces with his peers but also showcased his basketball skills.

Brady links up with Tatum, Judge

The NFL legend Tom Brady, the basketball star Aaron Judge, and Jayson Tatum, three-star athletes, have engaged in a community event with the charity Make-A-Wish. 

Tom Brady
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This event was organized to celebrate the new partnership between Fanatics and Make-A-Wish, a charitable organization for children. Fanatics has committed to donate $10 million to this organization. 

The Chief Police Officer of Fanatics, Orlando Ashford, will also join the organization’s Board of Directors. The aim of this partnership is to help ill children and create more positive possibilities for them.

“Fanatics has been championing Make-A-Wish and its incredible efforts for many years,” Ashford said. “This partnership will be an ongoing testament to the power of sports and the possibilities for children to heal through connections to their favorite teams and sports heroes.”

Tom Brady, along with Jayson Tatum and Aaron Judge, appeared at the launch event at the Barclays Center. Brady interacted and played with at least nine children of varying ages during the event. He shared the pictures on his Instagram account.

Via Instagram

This event gave the kids an opportunity to spend time with their favorite sports personalities. The kids took part in activities like catching passes from Brady, playing catch with Judge, and playing basketball with Tatum. This event aimed to create lasting memories and fulfill wishes for children facing critical illnesses.

Brady almost pulled off full-court shot

During the event, Tom Brady also decided to attempt a full-court basketball shot. The former NFL QB tried to throw the basketball from one end to the other end toward the loop. 

The ball went straight to the loop but didn’t go through the hoop. It hit the rim, causing it to bounce out instead of going through the hoop.

Initially, the seven-time Super Bowl champion seemed disappointed that his full-court shot did not go in, as indicated by his expression. However, his disappointment was short-lived as his smile returned, suggesting that he took the missed shot in good spirits.

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