Tom Brady hopes to learn from Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley ahead of $375,000,000 career switch

Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl champion, is ready to start his broadcasting career with FOX next year. Although a year remains until his debut, the former quarterback has already outlined his approach for this new chapter.

During an episode of his “Let’s Go!” podcast, Brady discussed his favorite broadcasters and analysts, shedding light on his aspirations to glean wisdom from their expertise to prepare for his broadcasting career.

Brady talks about Shaq, Chuck, Ernie

In a recent podcast, the NFL legend talked about broadcasters from TNT’s NBA pre-game tip-off and broadcast. Brady expressed his admiration for TNT’s analysts, particularly Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith. 

Tom Brady
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He praised their charisma and the fun they bring to the screen.

“I love Ernie in there and he’s trying to play traffic cop between Shaq and Charles and Kenny. It’s an unbelievable group,” Brady said.

He expressed his desire to learn from these analysts, especially Shaquille O’Neal. He wants to bring energy, fun, laughter, and education to his broadcasting career like Shaq does.

“I’ve been on that show a few times. I’d love to be on there with him [Shaquille O’Neal] but those guys have the best charisma those guys have the best charisma. I got a lot to learn from them because they do have a lot of fun and when I start my broadcasting career next fall, I want to be just like those guys. “

The former quarterback emphasized that he wants to be bold and brave like these people so he can talk about whatever he wants to.

“I want to bring energy and fun and laughing but also education and not be afraid to take on some other important issues over time too,” he added.

Tom Brady will start his broadcasting career in the fall of next year. Fans are looking forward to watching him start this new venture of his career. Tom Brady is also excited for this new career switch as he has already started preparing for it.

Brady’s Fox deal details

Tom Brady signed a 10-year contract with FOX to become a color commentator, reportedly worth $375 million. This deal makes him the highest-paid color analyst in NFL broadcasts.

Brady’s contract significantly changes the landscape for color commentators. It surpasses the earnings of other top NFL broadcasters like Tony Romo and Troy Aikman.

Tom Brady’s contract with FOX hasn’t started yet; it will commence when he’s ready to transition to broadcasting. He plans to enter the broadcast booth in 2024. 

Tom Brady
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As Brady has already left the NFL, we can expect the former quarterback to soon begin his broadcasting career. During his time off, the former QB is dedicating his time to watch NFL games from a fan perspective which will help him prepare for his broadcasting job.

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