Matt Ryan Ranked as No.5 Since 2015

A number of major controversies are circulating everywhere regarding Matt Ryan ranked as 5th quarterback since 2015 with a 92.4 rating. The only players who beat him in this race are NFC South foes, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees along with Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson.

What did the fans and teammates think about him?

He played for Atlanta Falcons from 2008 to the present date. According to the pundits, many of his teammates considered him as underrated and unappreciated whereas the fans outside considered him as overrated or just not that good. One of the controversies depicts that if his total touchdown would increase to 32, he would easily rank up to the top 5 quarterbacks.

Was he at the top 10 always?

According to a report of ESPN, “before he was said to be the most valuable player, he was at no. 13, and later he was at no. 5.”

What was his game record?

No matter how much people criticize him, he has been at the top 5 according to the list of high graded quarterbacks put forward by the Pro Football focus.
In 2016, he was honored as the most valuable player as well as the NFL offensive player of the year. He won 4 x pro bowls (2010, 2012. 2014, 2016), NFL first team all pro in 2016. He was selected for the pro bowl and played for a super bowl. He has thrown for 23,020 yards, 140 touchdowns, 56 interceptions, and completed 67.3% of passes.
2016 was one of the best seasons for Ryan. In that season the falcons signal-caller completed 69.9% of his passes along with 4944 yards on 373 completions and 534 attempts as second in the league and 38 touchdowns. His average draft position is 64 on ESPN, 49 on, and 67 on Roto Wire. He was also honored with the Bert Bell Award in 2016.

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