Micah Parsons claims Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs brace for a possible upset vs Dolphins in the 2024 NFL Playoffs

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs had a tumultuous season this year. Despite being a Super Bowl-reigning QB, Mahomes struggled during the season. Now he is preparing for a game against the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Wildcard round. 

Micah Parsons, the Cowboys LB, discussed the AFC Wildcard Round matchup between the two teams and shared his prediction. Despite the Chiefs being the AFC West champions and the third seed playing at home, Parsons believes the Dolphins have a good chance of causing an upset.

Micah Parsons picks Dolphins over Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs

The Chiefs are considered one of the best teams but Micah Parsons believes they won’t be able to move past the wild card round this season. The Dallas Cowboys star highlighted that the Chiefs are already vulnerable and struggling because of the wide receiving group. 

He acknowledged that the Dolphins also have their own weaknesses, including many injuries, but still, the Dolphins have an edge over the Chiefs because of their offensive problems. 

“Losing Bradley Chubb, Jaelan Phillips. These injuries are just killing the Dolphins. I’mma continue to go with the Dolphins because the Chiefs struggle offensively. I’m afraid those turnovers, them drops, will cost them this game,” Parsons explained.

A lot of people will agree with Micah Parsons’ claim considering the performance of the team so far. The Chiefs faced significant problems with dropped passes, ranking second in the NFL. Despite Mahomes being an exceptional quarterback, the team’s struggle to catch his accurate passes is worrisome.

Patrick Mahomes has already addressed this issue and even hinted at the possibility of a new coach for the playoffs but no notable changes have been made to resolve the current issues with the team. All these factors create uncertainty about the Chiefs winning the wildcard round against the Dolphins.

Julian Edelman reveals hilarious reason why Patrick Mahomes must win

This upcoming game against the Dolphins is crucial for the Chiefs if they want to win the Super Bowl this season. But Julian Edelman has shared another reason why Patrick Mahomes needs to win this game.

Edelman believes that the QB needs to win this game for the sake of the new friendship his wife has formed with Taylor Swift. He referred to the famous handshake of Brittany and Taylor, to emphasize the depth of their friendship. 

“And Patrick Mahomes has to perform because his wife’s friends with Taylor now. He wants that relationship to keep going. They got handshakes. They’re doing baby toss rounds, hip checks,” Julian Edelman said.

Patrick Mahomes
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The WR also believes that the presence of Taylor Swift is important for the team. He emphasized the impact of Swift’s presence at games on the team’s offensive production, creating an incentive for Mahomes to perform well.

“Taylor Swift now wears red. We need her at the games because the production goes down from the offense of the team when she’s not around.”

Julian Edelman added a humorous element to the serious ongoing discussions about the Chiefs’ possibility of winning the wildcard round. 

Although there are many doubters of Patrick Mahomes, he is known for his stellar performance. The team has confidence in Mahomes’ ability to excel in playoff games.

Which team do you think will win the wildcard round? Drop a comment and let us know.

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