Jemele Hill issues savage burn to Aaron Rodgers over complaints about cancel culture

Aaron Rodgers couldn’t make many on-field appearances in the 2023 season, but it didn’t stop him from being in the spotlight throughout the season. The QB couldn’t play because of his injury but he kept giving his opinions about the league on the Pat McAfee show. 

Rodgers recently found himself in controversy because of his comments about Jimmy Kimmel, who is threatening to sue him, and now the QB talked about cancel culture which has infuriated Jemele Hill. 

Jemele Hill brutally responds to Aaron Rodgers’ complaints

Jemele Hill, the former ESPN personality, has been a target of cancel culture, therefore, when Aaron Rodgers made comments about cancel culture she couldn’t help but burst out. After watching the show where Rodgers talked about this topic, Hill took to Twitter to express her opinion about the QB’s comments. 

Hill highlighted the irony of Rodgers complaining about ‘cancel culture’ while being regularly featured on a mainstream sports network. She pointed out logical inconsistencies in Rodgers’ arguments.

“Aaron Rodgers complaining about cancel culture and mainstream media while being platformed every week on a mainstream sports network is the most Aaron Rodgers thing ever,” Hill wrote.

Her frustration about Aaron Rodgers’ ironic comments is understandable because she is the one who suffered more because of the cancel culture.

Jelmer Hill was removed from ESPN after calling Donald Trump a “white supremacist” in 2017. She lost her career just because of one comment. She would therefore have a stronger claim to having been a victim of it than Aaron Rodgers if “cancel culture” was more than a crutch.

What did Aaron Rodgers say about cancel culture?

Aaron Rodgers is known for his bold personality and unfiltered comments, and this season he got the opportunity to talk more and play less. In a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, the QB talked about various topics, including the “COVID-19 vaccination,” the “woke mob,” and “cancel culture.”

Aaron Rodgers

The quarterback expressed frustration with Mike Foss, who criticized his comments as dumb and inaccurate. Rodgers felt that Foss worsened the situation and accused him of following the media’s game plan, which, according to Rodgers, involves trying to cancel individuals with differing opinions.

“I don’t understand Mike Foss comment because he didn’t help either. Mike, you’re not helping. You’re not helping because I just read earlier what you said. This is the gameplan of the media. And this is what they do.”

Aaron Rodgers asserted that the media’s strategy involves attempting to cancel people who deviate from the mainstream narrative, citing instances of censorship during COVID-19 and the use of government influence for censorship.

“They try and cancel. It’s not just me, if you look at all the different people who’ve been censored from the internet especially during COVID, the canceling that went on the censorship, using the government to try and censor people that happened. And if that doesn’t work, then you go to name-calling.”

While the QB’s complaint about cancel culture was somewhat accurate, Jemele Hill believes he is not the right person to complain about it as he has never experienced the brutal consequences of it.

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