Michael Cole claims CM Punk’s comeback to WWE is the company’s most-watched social media moment

The highly anticipated Monday Night RAW after WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 was set to include the return of Randy Orton and CM Punk, as well as a #1 contenders contest for the Tag Team championships. Excited fans were attempting to figure out clues on TV and social media that pointed to Punk’s comeback, which seemed to be a poorly guarded secret.

Though fans believed they had it solved, WWE officials responded with official remarks and postings. Excitedly captured on video during Punk’s Survivor Series entrance, Michael Cole proclaimed it the most viewed social moment in WWE history.

Michael Cole claims CM Punk’s return is WWE’s most viewed social media moment

After the ‘WWE Survivor Series: War Games’ in Chicago, Punk shocked and thrilled fans with his spectacular comeback. The crowd of thousands went absolutely crazy, with many sharing their reactions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. The camera picked up Michael Cole’s enthusiastic speech, which may have hinted at Punk’s comeback.

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According to Cole, the response of the WWE video which was promoting the theme tune by Living Color for Punk, became viral on WWE’s Twitter page, with 71 million views within 24 hours. He allegedly “dared to dance” to Punk’s entrance song later on, according to his fans. Punk made a sensational comeback after his dismissal from All Elite Wrestling at that point.

Triple H showed his supporters that he was ready to listen to their desires by orchestrating an amazing occasion. It was the beginning of Punk’s last opportunity to write a fairytale finale to his meritorious career.

Seth Rollins says CM Punk only tries to destroy WWE

After a decade of staying away from the promotion, CM Punk made a triumphant comeback to WWE at Survivor Series, setting the wrestling world alight. The most-viewed social video in WWE history is now his comeback footage on Twitter.

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What really caught everyone off guard, however, was Seth Rollins, who has a longstanding dislike for Punk.

Fans like the suspense of wrestling matches when they can’t tell whether the action is genuine or staged. In the aftermath of the Peoria main event, Rollins expressed his anger against Punk by saying that he would “knock him the f— out” if they crossed paths.

After CM Punk’s comeback, World Heavyweight Champion Rollins addressed the fans during a WWE live event in Peoria, making it plain that he had no interest in working with Punk.

He said, “I’m not going to waste anymore breathe on somebody who has been gone for eight years and has done nothing but try and tear this place down.”

How did you celebrate the appearance of the “Best in the World?” Let us know what you think of Seth Rollins’s reaction in the comments section.

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