Michael Jordan experienced unfortunate exit from Wizards in 2003 after three and a half seasons

Michael Jordan is not only one of the best NBA players of all time, but also one of the greatest athletes of all time. With a combination of talent and hard work, he helped the Bulls win 6 NBA championships

Michael Jordan was the reason many fans fell in love with the sport of basketball. He was an icon, a legend and a champion. However, just like all good things come to an end, Michael Jordan’s illustrious and famed career unfortunately came to an end with the Wizards waiving him goodbye.

Wizards bid goodbye to Michael Jordan in 2003

After an incredible basketball career, Michael Jordan retired for the third and final time at the age of 40. In 28 minutes during the Washington Wizards’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, he finished with 15 points.

Michael Jordan
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Throughout the game, Jordan was met with multiple standing ovations from the final sellout crowd to ever see him play. As Jordan finally left the game, almost every person in the arena, including the coaches and other players, gave him a long, final standing ovation. Jordan claimed he had accepted the fact that this would be his last retirement and that he would no longer be wearing a uniform.

Michael Jordan’s coach pleaded with him to go back into the game, and the opposing coach made sure Jordan had the chance to end his career with a basket. Like his last game wearing an NBA uniform, Jordan’s final shot was a free throw, and it went well.

When did Michael Jordan play his last NBA game?

Michael Jordan donned a jersey to play in the NBA for the final time on April 16, 2003. It was the blue and black uniform of the Washington Wizards, not the black, red, and white to which many had become accustomed.

Despite the different color scheme, it was still obvious that this man was Jordan, and fans at home and in attendance honored the legend who helped elevate the game.

Jordan’s performance and the ultimate result were mere afterthoughts. His total stats were 15 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists. Nevertheless, the supporters were in a frenzy as Jordan waved farewell, applauding every move the former North Carolina Tar Heel made.

Michael Jordan’s last game was against the Philadelphia 76ers. “The Philly people did a great job. They gave me the biggest inspiration, in a sense,” Jordan said. “Obviously, they wanted to see me make a couple of baskets and then come off. That was very, very respectful, and I had a good time.” Jordan’s last game brought an end to the Jordan era.

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