Michael Jordan’s son Marcus with supporters left fawning over Larsa Pippen as she unknowingly brings Scottie Pippen more miseries

Larsa Pippen made her relationship with Marcus Jordan, the son of NBA star Michael Jordan, on Instagram official back on Jan. 23 after much rumor. “Checks over stripes,” Larsa wrote next to a picture of Marcus and her standing in front of a huge floral version of Michael’s No. 23 Bulls jersey. The duo has recently left the fans in awe after Jordan commented a heart emoji on a charming picture of Larsa posted on her Instagram.

Prior to this, Larsa was married to NBA player Scottie Pippen for more than 21 years. The couple first filed for divorce after 19 years of marriage in 2016. While they reportedly tried to patch things up the following year, Larsa re-filed for divorce in November 2018, specifying October 29, 2017, as the date of their legal separation. Larsa and Scottie share four kids together.

Before declaring their love in public on social media, the reality TV star spoke about Jordan when appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” in December 2022. Jordan was there in the studio audience. When host Andy Cohen asked Pippen if she and Jordan were friends “with benefits,” she retorted, “We’re friends.”

As the son of her former husband’s colleague on the Chicago Bulls, Jordan’s connection with Pippen might strike some fans to be a little “wild,” Pippen said. “I mean, I guess, yeah,” she replied. “But I think a lot of people think that our families were really close and intertwined, and they really weren’t. Like I never really knew Marcus’s mom or them,” Pippen added. “I just recently met them a couple of years ago.”

On Valentine’s Day, Pippen shared a picture with Jordan and captioned it, “My forever Valentine.” Jordan had the “Real Housewives of Miami” actress wrapped around his arm as they posed side by side on the beach.  Jordan was so moved by her post that he shared it on his Instagram Stories along with the GIFs “Happy Valentine’s Day (every day the 14th)” and “love is in the air.”

His love didn’t stop there. On Valentine’s Day, Jordan also shared a photo of Pippen holding two bouquets of flowers with the text, “Three words, 8 letters.”

To be fair, the news that Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen are dating is not very recent. They have been dating both formally and informally for about six months. In fact, the two have even shared videos and photos of their encounters and gestures of affection.

It must be really upsetting for Pippen to see his ex-wife dating the son of his former colleague who is now his rival. Larsa has received harsh criticism from many in the NBA community for doing this. Scottie, though, has made no public comments about the issue.

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