Official: Marcus Jordan dating his father Michael Jordan’s teammate Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen

It appears that 2023 will be a wild west of bizarre revelations and incidents in the sports industry. The first month already produced Michael Jordan calling Isiah Thomas ‘a*#*le’ in his documentary. How could his son, Marcus Jordan, be an exception?

Marcus Jordan played college basketball for a short time before retiring in 2010. Later, he lost interest in sports, completed his graduation, and settled down to a quiet life.

However, his recent activities have burst the social media bubble like an explosion.

These recent developments didn’t let his father, Michael Jordan, and his teammate out of the controversy as he was seen with the former NBA player’s ex-wife.

What did Marcus Jordan do this time?

Marcus appeared in a photo posted by Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen, Michael’s teammate, yesterday. There was some speculation about their relationship, but they both denied it.

After yesterday, the netizens got confirmation of their previous conjectures.


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However, we have no idea who the couple is dating; the photo was taken in front of the Jordan 23 jersey art piece. Well, we can make our own speculations regarding Pippen’s ex-wife taking a photo in front of his teammate’s piece.

But all things aside, Michael’s documentation again revealed the unseen truth among the three Musketeers in those double three-peats, and Larsa’s recent post again incites that controversy once again.

However, none of those legends has said anything regarding the context.

The 48-year-old Larsa, a television celebrity, appeared in ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ as part of the main cast. Besides acting, she also explored the worlds of modeling, business, and self-promotion.

After a lengthy separation for some time, she and Pippen divorced in 2016.

Let’s see how Marcus Jordan and Larissa Pippen fare as a couple. Share your opinion with us in the comment box.

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    MARCUS can provide that! Even if it is with his pop’s INDIRECT money!


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