“Y’all want him to win, I get my a** beat” Isiah Thomas recalls NBA changing rules for Michael Jordan to dunk

Michael Jordan and his iconic dunk have become the modern symbol for NBA basketball. Many of us, including me, idolize the person who brought revolutionary change to today’s NBA.

A 6.5-foot mesmerizing man named Michael Jordan hypnotized us with his marvelous maneuvering skills over the hardwood in the last decade of the twentieth century.

For his double-triple-peat during that time, he even considered himself the NBA’s GOAT. However, there will always be someone who argues, someone jealous of the name Jordan.

In this context, Jordan’s big hater, two-time NBA champion Isiah Thomas, who beat the greatest team in NBA history, Jordan’s then-Chicago Bulls, revealed some unpopular opinions while reminiscing about their on-court rivalry.

What did Isiah Thomas say about Michael Jordan?

In a recent documentary, Michael calls Isiah an ‘as#*#le’ and the drama begins. There is a large portion of that documentary that contains their hatred, and Isiah finally opened his mouth, which was the actual scene at that time. “Now, when we played, y’all want him to win. Y’all changed all the rules so he can win,” the former point guard said. “I go down the lane, I get my a** beat.”

As painful as hearing this version may be, ‘His Airness’ influence in the league was real. The NBA brought many changes in fouls and charges that made the game ‘soft’ according to Thomas. He also mentioned his time’s ‘hardcore’ culture during the play.

The Jordan phenomenon took hold of the NBA, and the generation that followed was truly obsessed with basketball, which only Jordan could create. Using name and fame, the NBA became the most popular sport in America, just like it happened in Argentina with soccer.

isiah thomas
Isiah Thomas calls Michael Jordan out for lying, their feud continues three decades on(credit: Marca)

Jordan and Thomas’ rivalry grew into hatred after the bulls legend called the pistons an ‘undeserving champion’ after being knocked out by them. It appears that the 14-time NBA all-star can’t learn anything from the NBA Finals MVP from 1990.

What do you think of Michael Jordan being privileged? Is Isiah Thomas being vindictive regarding his nemesis’ achievements and fame? You can share your thoughts with us.


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