“My Apple Watch Went off and Told Me My Heart Rate Was Going Up” Jayson Tatum’s Mom Opens up on Her Son’s Achievement

Jayson Tatum’s mother is super proud of his performance in game 7 against Miami Heat. Her heart rate was pumped up the entire time as her son gave a phenomenal performance throughout the game. Her Apple watch was jumping off her arm in strong anticipation and excitement throughout the game while she cheered on for her beloved son.

Tatum’s Mother Brandy Cole frequents news portals to defend her son whenever someone tries to diss him. She is also known to be hard on her son when he is not living up to his potential. She once blasted LeBron James for badmouthing Jayson. Jayson Tatum’s mother has been his support system all throughout his career. Continues to stand up for her son if someone tries to take a shot at the Boston Celtics Star.

After a spectacular win against Heat which lead the Boston Celtics to the NBA finals for the first time in 10 years, Jayson Tatum’s mom was caught on camera ecstatic about her son’s incredible performance. “I am so proud of him. I am so happy for him”. She also comments on how tough the road to finals was for Jayson Tatum. At last, all the hard work was paid off.

She got emotional about how much Jayson Tatum wanted the shot at finals. “Something he has worked for his entire life,” Jayson’s mother opens up about her son’s dream to making it to the NBA finals.

Jayson Tatum at 24 has been named inaugural Larry Bird award winner. It was a tough fight competing with Jimmy Butler for the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Trophy. Tatum along with Brown and Smart made history as a trio, only second to Lakers’ Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, and Dick Garrett in the 1970s.


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