Watch Jon Jones Bust Out Hysterical Dance Moves With His German Shephard

Jon Jones always finds time to spend with his pet Dutch. He frequently posts about his German shepherd on Instagram. Bones shared a hysterical video dancing with Dutch, whirling his dog around.


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The GOAT of UFC has previously made news because of his dog. The both of them are very attached as one can see in the videos posted on social media. The air trip with Dutch was quite a scene as it showed the level of attachment between Jon Jones and his adored pet. 

Dutch resembles Jon in many ways. The fighting world has famously nicknamed him as “killer”. It seems like the UFC legend has trained Dutch to be just as ferocious. As the saying goes, pets tend to replicate their owner’s behavior, Dutch always looks like he is ready to pounce anyone invading his territory.

Brought him up from a pup to a full grown trained German Shephard, the two of them are inseparable. After a lot of negative publicity outside the arena for drug abuse and domestic violence, it seems like Dutch is the only good thing going on for him.

Tabloids previously ripped the “Killer” for physically abusing his partner and damaging a vehicle. LAPD later on arrested him for the incident at Caesars Palace. Released with $8000 dollars bail, still had to appear in court. 

UFC star spends most of his time now with his German shepherd.


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