Darren Till reportedly refused $2,000,000 offer from Mike Perry to fight in BKFC

Mike Perry isn’t giving much thought to Darren Till at the moment, although he remains perplexed as to why their fight isn’t taking place. There have been reports suggesting that Till turned down a significant offer to face Perry in a bare-knuckle boxing match.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Perry provided insights into the failed negotiations for the anticipated fight scheduled for April 27.

Mike said, “I heard he said no to over $2 million dollars. So, you know, Darren is just yapping away over there. A lot of guys say they want to do it with boxing gloves or at least with gloves of some kind. With the BKFC contract I have, that money is there.”

Perry and Till have engaged in a series of heated exchanges through interviews and social media over the past few years. Given that both men are no longer part of the UFC, it appeared that a confrontation between them was bound to happen. Regrettably, BKFC president David Feldman revealed that despite meeting Till’s financial requests, the fighter from Liverpool ultimately expressed a desire to participate in a couple of boxing matches before stepping into the ring with Perry.

Currently, Perry is on the verge of a highly anticipated match against Thiago Alves, a seasoned UFC fighter and former BKFC champion. This exciting bout will be the main event of the BKFC KnuckleMania IV card, taking place in Los Angeles on April 27.

Mike Perry insists that there are no hard feelings on his end, despite his confusion over Till’s persistent private messages regarding a potential fight.

Perry had no issue with accepting Alves as an opponent, but he was under the impression that Till would agree to the fight until he learned that the former UFC title contender declined the offer. However, what initially prompted Darren Till to depart from the UFC??

What caused Darren Till to leave the UFC?

Darren Till’s rise in the UFC was nothing short of impressive. Since his debut in 2015, he has showcased his skills and gone undefeated in his first six fights in the promotion.

The defeat against Woodley marked a turning point for the 30-year-old Scouser, as he experienced a decline in his performance, winning just one out of his next five fights while suffering four losses. Till experienced a setback in his fight against Robert Whittaker, as he sustained a knee injury that still troubles him.

During an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Till revealed that he has been dealing with persistent knee problems ever since his loss to Whittaker. His need for treatment that might not have complied with USADA testing was what led him to leave the UFC.

So, will the MMA fans get to see Darren Till take on Mike Perry with all the talk that has been going around?

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