NBA Analyst blasts Ja Morant’s return to court with fiery criticism over gun scandal punishment

The Memphis Grizzlies’ notorious star Ja Morant finally got back on the court against the Houston Rockets on March 22 at FedExForum after serving an eight-game suspension.

Previously, on March 4, the star appeared on Instagram Live with a firearm while partying in a strip club in Denver. Following the antics, he faced massive criticism and was forced to enter a rehabilitation program, from which he recently returned.

The fans were anticipating Ja’s return to the court, and ESPN’s NBA analyst Jay Williams didn’t miss his chance to show him the sticks.

What did Jay Williams say about Ja Morant?

The 41-year-old analyst wasn’t much impressed with the Grizzlies’ point guard after the gun incident. He thinks the PG got an easy pass from the NBA with a short suspension.

“I do believe the NBA missed the mark on his suspension. I thought he should’ve been suspended for the rest of the regular season without pay,” Jay emphasized. “And his return should have been subject to successful counseling from the NBA.”

There are a lot of people in the NBA community who think similarly to the analyst, as the 23-year-old got off the hook pretty smoothly. The last time the NBA suspended any professional for the rest of the season without pay was in 2010 when the Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas brought a gun into the locker room.

However, when comparing the two incidents, Morant’s was less dangerous or showed less potential for harm. That is why the NBA did not consider punishing the youngster severely.

Furthermore, at such a young age, this kind of lengthy suspension will take a huge toll on his career. The 6.2-footer is also having a promising season, averaging 26.9 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 8.1 assists per game in 54 appearances so far.

The two-time all-star went to a rehab center in Florida and explored a humble, appropriate way of treating others. It’s safe to say he learned his lesson, and there’s time to impose strict sanctions when it suits him better.

What are your thoughts on Ja Morant’s suspension? Do you agree with Jay Williams? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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