NBA insider claims Jimmy Butler is not the top Heat asset, names $20 Million man instead

Caleb Martin, a forward, is thought to be the Miami Heat’s most valued asset, according to NBA expert Bobby Marks. The Miami Heat had signed the forward on a contract that pays him around $6.8 million a year. His contract extends till the upcoming 2023–2024 season with a player option for the following year.

Martin is a desirable target for many other teams because of his favorable contract with the squad and his play on both sides of the floor.

Why Jimmy Butler is not Heat’s top asset?

Forward Caleb Martin, not Jimmy Butler, is the Miami Heat’s best player. Martin offers the Heat exceptional value with a deal that is suited to the franchise and runs through the 2023–24 season.
Caleb Martin proves to be more of an asset in the league because of his capacity to contribute significantly on both sides of the floor.

When Tyler Herro was hurt during the postseason, Martin stepped up and showed his value against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. He has been an outstanding scoring option due to his efficiency. Martin is a crucial component for the Heat’s future success because of his flexibility and two-way skills, which compliments the team’s main players wonderfully.

The honor goes to Caleb Martin according to the NBA insider

Caleb Martin re-signs with Heat on 3-year deal |

According to the NBA insider Bobby Marks, it is the “$20 Million man” Caleb Martin who is the top asset for the Heat and not Jimmy Butler. He believes Caleb Martin is more of an asset according to his contract, age, and play.

The Heat primarily depended on Martin during the postseason, especially against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. He had showcased his abilities to be a great player in the NBA finals series averaging 19.3 pts per game and shooting at a brilliant 60.2 percent from the field and 48.9 percent from beyond the arc.

Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo are wonderfully complemented by Martin’s two-way skills. Martin participated in 71 games during the 2022–2023 regular season, starting in 49 of them. He was efficiently used by the Heat in a variety of lines, notably after Kevin Love was acquired on the buyout market.

Miami Heat is interested in keeping Caleb Martin as he is a valuable asset, but there are chances that the Heat could be more willing to trade for players like Kyle Lowry, whose contract year is coming to an end. Six-time All-Star and NBA champion Lowry’s output has dropped while playing for the Heat.


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