NBA Insider drops truth bomb on Kyrie Irving’s Mavs future amid exit buzz claiming “they cannot lose him”

As the Dallas Mavericks’ season fell apart before their eyes, there is a looming question that needs answering: will Kyrie Irving remain with the team after his current contract expires this season? Despite the disastrous season, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne revealed that the Mavs feel good about their chances of keeping Irving in the fold.

Shelburne disclosed that the Mavs had the option to sign Irving for a two-year extension when they traded for him, but the point guard is looking for a four-year extension. The 31-year-old’s reported request is not surprising, as this could be the last big contract of his career, which will potentially keep him with the team until 2028 when he will be 35. However, there is a lot of pressure on Dallas to keep Irving with the squad as they already lost Jalen Brunson for nothing.

According to Shelburne, Irving has quite a bit of leverage outside the Mavericks, and they may have to go further than they initially wanted to keep him. She stated, “If he has leverage outside the Mavericks, they may have to go further than they initially want to go… He has quite a bit of leverage because, quite frankly, they cannot lose him.”

In 2019, Irving signed a massive four-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets worth $136.5 million. With his reported request for a four-year extension, he will likely be searching for a similar contract this summer, which could pile even more pressure on the Mavs to match any offer for the enigmatic point guard.

Despite the Mavs’ failed experiment with Irving this season, Shelburne remains confident that the team can strike a deal with the former All-Star. However, the Mavs will have to contend with other teams vying for his services, and they will need to match any offer that comes their way to keep him.

Dallas Mavericks’ decision on whether to retain Kyrie Irving will be one of the most crucial decisions they will have to make this offseason. The Mavs cannot afford to lose Irving, especially after their failed gamble this past season. The pressure is on Dallas to keep Irving, and they will have to contend with other teams vying for his services if they hope to keep him.

The Struggle of Kyrie Irving to Lead the Mavs to Playoffs Doesn’t Diminish His Status as One of the Best Backcourt Players in the NBA

Despite Kyrie Irving’s inability to lead the Dallas Mavericks to the playoffs or play-ins this season, there is no doubt that he is still one of the best backcourt players in the NBA. His ball-handling skills, shooting ability, and playmaking capabilities are unquestionable, and his contributions to any team he plays for cannot be overlooked.

Although his tenure with the Mavs didn’t pan out as expected, Irving’s presence on the court was undoubtedly beneficial to the team, and his experience playing alongside some of the best players in the league will surely benefit the team in the long run.

Kyrie Irving

The Mavericks made a significant investment in Irving, and while it didn’t yield the desired results this season, his skills and abilities will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the team moving forward.

While some may question Irving’s leadership ability, there is no denying his talent on the court, and if the Mavs can retain him for the long term, he has the potential to take the team to new heights in the future.

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