NBA legend Charles Barkley throws dig at Grizzlies star Ja Morant following second gun incident: “You have to look in the mirror”

NBA legend Charles Barkley didn’t shy away from criticizing Grizzlies star Ja Morant in the wake of his second gun incident. Barkley emphasized the importance of self-reflection and personal accountability.

Following the emergence of an Instagram Live video on May 13, where Morant was seen flashing a gun, the Grizzlies, NBA, and Commissioner Adam Silver released statements. Morant issued an apology on May 16. During TNT’s “Inside the NBA” discussion, Barkley shared his thoughts candidly.

“When you’re making $100 million a year to play sports, your life changes,” Barkley stated firmly. He stressed that with such financial success comes the responsibility to abide by certain rules and regulations.

Barkley made it clear that engaging in reckless behavior is not compatible with a successful NBA career. He emphasized that if Morant wants to continue enjoying the benefits of being an NBA player, he must understand the trade-off and avoid engaging in such irresponsible actions.

Shaquille O’Neal Stresses Accountability in Morant’s Actions

During the discussion on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal placed great importance on accountability when discussing Ja Morant’s recent incidents involving a gun.

O’Neal highlighted the distinction between making a mistake and making a conscious choice, emphasizing that Morant needs to be aware of the consequences of his actions. O’Neal underscored the significant impact Morant’s behavior has on his fans, particularly young people who look up to him.

We can’t do things to put ourselves in jeopardy… there’s a difference between a mistake and a choice,” O’Neal stated firmly. He pointed out that Morant’s friend made the choice to hit the “Live” button, while Morant himself made the choice to act without considering the potential repercussions.

O’Neal reminded Morant of the written and unwritten laws that come with being a part of a billion-dollar corporation and being a role model for aspiring athletes. He emphasized the need for Morant to embrace his responsibility and think carefully about the influence he wields as an NBA star.

The criticisms voiced by NBA legends Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal shed light on the seriousness of Ja Morant’s second gun incident. Their remarks emphasize the need for Morant to reflect on his actions, acknowledge his privileged position as an NBA player, and take responsibility for his behavior. As high-profile figures in the basketball community, Morant’s actions carry significant weight and influence, particularly among young fans who admire him.

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The NBA’s ongoing investigation into the incident underscores the league’s commitment to maintaining a safe and professional environment. It serves as a reminder to all players that their actions off the court can have far-reaching consequences on their careers and the league’s reputation as a whole. It is now up to Morant to learn from this experience, make better choices, and demonstrate personal growth as he moves forward in his basketball journey.


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