NBA legend Charles Barkley throws shade at Kevin Durant, Suns’ offensive woes following Nuggets defeat: “They just can’t score enough”

NBA legend Charles Barkley has raised doubts about the ability of the Phoenix Suns to score enough points to compete with the Denver Nuggets in their Western Conference playoff series. After the Suns’ Game 1 defeat, Barkley pointed out that their lack of depth was a major concern, and that the team was too reliant on the scoring prowess of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

Barkley noted that the Suns struggled to find scoring options outside of Durant and Booker and that their bench lacked players who could provide 20 points or more in any given game. He also highlighted the Nuggets’ depth as a key factor in their success, with six of their players scoring in double digits in Game 1.

What did Charles Barkley say about the Phoenix Suns team?

While speaking about Game 1 in “Inside the NBA” Charles Barkley mentions the Suns team and says, “The Suns, I’m looking at their team…they just can’t score enough.”

The Suns’ offensive woes were particularly evident in their shooting from beyond the arc, where they made just seven 3-pointers compared to the Nuggets’ 16. Barkley noted that the Suns’ offense was often stagnant, with too much reliance on iso-possessions from Durant and Booker.

Barkley’s comments have raised eyebrows, particularly concerning his remarks about Durant. While Durant scored 29 points in Game 1, the implication from Barkley’s comments is that he may not be doing enough to help his team win. This is a surprising criticism of a player widely regarded as one of the best scorers in NBA history.

However, Barkley’s comments may also reflect a broader concern about the Suns’ ability to compete with the Nuggets. The Nuggets have proven themselves to be a deep and talented team, and the Suns may struggle to match their scoring output if they cannot find more consistent contributions from their role players.

Overall, Barkley’s comments suggest that the Suns will need to find more scoring options if they hope to compete with the Nuggets in this series. While Durant and Booker are undoubtedly talented players, they cannot carry the team on their own.

The Suns will need to find more ways to involve their other players and create scoring opportunities if they hope to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

The Phoenix Suns’ Depth Issues: Trading Bridges and Johnson for Durant Proves Costly

The Phoenix Suns made a big move to acquire Kevin Durant, but it came at a steep cost. They gave up two of the NBA’s most elite two-way wings, Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson, who provided the team with 15 points a night and excellent defense. Without their reliable presence, the Suns’ starting lineup lacks the same level of defensive prowess and scoring ability.

Charles Barkley

Josh Okogie has filled the fifth-man spot, but he is a one-dimensional player who is solid on defense only. His shooting is streaky, and the Suns’ bench lacks reliable scorers and shooters. This lack of depth has been a concern since Durant’s arrival, and the Suns were criticized for it.

Despite winning against the LA Clippers, the Suns were not convincing, and the Clippers were able to give them a run for their money with their second unit. Devin Booker had to produce all-time performances, scoring 38, 45, 30, and 47 points in the series to close it out. As Charles Barkley noted, Durant and Booker producing high-level performances are likely the Suns’ best bet to prevail against the No. 1-seeded Denver Nuggets.

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