Warriors Draymond Green provides key defensive advice for LeBron James, Lakers ahead of Game 2 vs Nikola Jokic, Nuggets

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green recently discussed the Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 1 loss to the Denver Nuggets on his podcast. Green provided valuable insights on the defensive adjustments the Lakers need to make in order to improve their chances in Game 2. One key element of his strategy involves assigning Jarred Vanderbilt to guard Jamal Murray, while putting LeBron James on Nuggets’ star Nikola Jokic.

Green’s defensive proposal aims to disrupt the Nuggets’ offensive flow and limit the impact of their key players. By utilizing Vanderbilt’s defensive skills against Murray, the Lakers can potentially neutralize his scoring ability and disrupt the Nuggets’ pick-and-roll plays. At the same time, assigning LeBron James to guard Jokic allows the Lakers to employ his size, strength, and basketball IQ to make Jokic’s scoring and playmaking more challenging.

Limiting Murray’s Impact to Counter Jokic’s Dominance

While Green acknowledges Jokic’s exceptional performance in Game 1, where he recorded a triple-double with 34 points, 21 rebounds, and 14 assists, he believes the Lakers can afford to let Jokic have a big game. However, they must prioritize containing the rest of the Nuggets’ lineup, particularly Jamal Murray, who also had a strong showing in Game 1.

Green emphasizes the importance of stifling Murray’s offensive production to disrupt the Nuggets’ rhythm. By employing the defensive coverage he suggests, the Lakers can keep Anthony Davis near the rim to defend against drives and reduce Murray’s opportunities to score. This approach allows the Lakers to challenge the Nuggets’ offense by limiting their ability to find open shots and forcing them into less favorable scoring situations.

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Green recognizes the risk of allowing Jokic to have a standout performance but argues that it is a calculated trade-off. By containing Murray and preventing him from getting into a scoring groove, the Lakers can disrupt the Nuggets’ offensive chemistry and make it more difficult for their supporting cast to contribute significantly.

Draymond Green’s analysis highlights the defensive adjustments the Los Angeles Lakers must make in Game 2 against the Denver Nuggets. His proposed strategy of assigning Vanderbilt to Murray and James to Jokic aims to disrupt the Nuggets’ offensive flow and limit the impact of their key players. While Green acknowledges Jokic’s dominance, he emphasizes the importance of containing Murray and preventing him from gaining momentum.

The Lakers have an opportunity to level the series by implementing Green’s defensive adjustments. By neutralizing Murray’s scoring and limiting the production of the Nuggets’ supporting cast, the Lakers can disrupt their opponents’ offensive rhythm and increase their chances of securing a vital Game 2 victory. It remains to be seen how the Lakers will respond and execute these defensive adjustments in their pursuit of a crucial win against a formidable Nuggets team.


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