Draymond Green’s family moment steals the show following on-court brilliance in Warriors’ win vs LeBron James, Lakers

Draymond Green’s children stole the show during his post-game press conference following the Golden State Warriors’ 127-100 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night. Green’s son and daughter joined him at the podium, prompting an emotional speech from the NBA star about the challenges of being a working parent.

“We miss so much time with our kids,” Green explained. “The times that you miss, it sucks. I think anyone in here who’s a parent understands that. When you’re able to share these moments with them, it’s special… These are memories that last a lifetime.”

Green, who grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, also shared how important it is for him to provide a better life for his children. “Growing up in the circumstances that I grew up in, I never want them to experience that,” he said.

But the lighthearted moment was interrupted when Green’s son and daughter started arguing, with the elder sibling telling the younger one to stop copying him. Green quickly interjected, saying, “Tell him to stop copying you. … OK, all right, one second, let papa finish, OK?”

Despite the interruption, Green continued to express gratitude for the Warriors organization and the NBA as a whole for allowing his children to join him on the podium. “They don’t have to allow our kids up here; it’s not something that they have to do,” he said. “We always talk about kid energy in here. It always lightens the mood… When you’re able to get the energy of children in here, it’s always special.”

Towards the end of the press conference, Green handed the mic over to his children, who made silly noises and then politely thanked the room for having them. The heartwarming moment was a reminder that even professional athletes like Green value their time with family, and that the innocence and energy of children can make even the most serious moments a little brighter.

Draymond Green’s Defensive Brilliance Propels Warriors to Victory over Lakers

After a disappointing Game 1 performance, Draymond Green made it his mission to shut down Anthony Davis in Game 2 of the Golden State Warriors’ playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers. With the help of a lineup change that allowed Green to be Davis’ primary defender, he held the Lakers’ star to just 11 points on 11 field goal attempts, a significant improvement from his Game 1 performance of 30 points and 23 rebounds.

Green’s defensive efforts and aggressive play on offense helped lead the Warriors to a near-perfect 127-100 victory to even the series. He finished the game with 11 points, 11 rebounds, nine assists, and a steal. Green’s commitment to pushing the pace and physicality on defense are contagious and spark the Warriors to play at their best. As Klay Thompson said, we go as Dray goes.


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