NBA Rumors: Bucks uncertain on Khris Middleton’s future, forward rejects $40M player option deal

On Wednesday, Khris Middleton decided to decline a $40 million deal from his team, the Milwaukee Bucks. He is now planning to become a free agent, post the closure of his 2019 deal with the Bucks. 

The three-time All-Star player has been in and out of injuries, playing only 33 games in the season. His agents, Mike Lindeman and Jeff Schwartz confirmed his resolution by speaking to ESPN. 

This leaves Milwaukee in a rough patch of uncertainty regarding the forward’s future with the team. The fact remains that he may still have a renewed contract, but the probability is the main factor. 

Why Khris Middleton declined the $40M player option deal?

USA Today’s HoopsHype recently reported that Khris Middleton’s market value is expected to be around $130 million dollars in the next four years. The soon-to-be 32-year-old is not only an NBA superstar but also an Olympic gold medallist. Statistically, he averaged 17.0 points per game in all seasons from 2017-22.


As per reports from Action Network, Middleton’s decision to quit the Bucks may be in search of a better-paying contract as his prime is soon to end. 

“A few uncomfortable truths lurked under this Bucks season. NBA sources have long said to keep an eye on the Bucks and their future, particularly with Middleton, who will soon be 32 years old. He has a player option this summer and is seeking that last, great, large contract.”

Is Middleton going to exit the Bucks?

Khris Middleton has had quite a tough season this time, full of surgery and rehab, and the lowest PPG average after 2017. Nonetheless, the Bucks know what an asset he is when fit. his superb pairing with Giannis Antetokounmpo led the team to their first championship.

Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks)

Obviously, the franchise is going to do everything under its capacity to retain its precious forward. However, there is still quite a chance that he does exit the team and accept a package more suited to his financial desires. At this point, because of his laurels, several teams are ready to even splurge something extra to get their hands on the star.

As a player known to up the ante in games as well as teams, Khris Middleton is definitely a force to join hands with. It will be an interesting unfolding of events as he chooses to stay or leave. 

What are your thoughts regarding the player’s announcement? Should the Bucks try harder to keep Middleton? Or is it better to just let him go?


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